Friday, June 4, 2010

Blobs and Burritos

One thing I really love about the culture of Tecumseh is that everyone pitches in to help each other out. When my friend Eric needed help setting up the lake this morning Seth, Kraft, and I showed up because a) Eric is our friend and b) he needed help. I wish that a standard like that would be a part of so many more places. Life is just better when we help each other out.

I not only learned how to put the blog together but swam in the lake and jumped on the tramp for the first time this summer.

I made a trip back to Indy to see some Young Life kids and go to graduation parties before camp officially begins and I'm away for two months.
This is Emily and Stephanie.

They make me laugh and tell entertaining stories. Tonight we ate Chipotle and worked on a project and I loved getting to hang out with them. I'm going to miss them this summer but can't wait to go to Castaway with them at the end of July. With these two it will be an adventure for sure.

I also love that they wave from Steph's porch until they can't see my car anymore.

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