Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Market Square Lanes

My friend Jenna hates bowling. She also kind of hates putt-putt, lazer tag, ice-skating and any other activity like that. Sometimes I really feel the same way but tonight I went bowling and it was just real great.

You see, I have some really funny friends.

I've met all these people through camp at some point in the past seven years. I love that we can go all year without seeing each other and then have nights like tonight where it just feels so normal for us all to be together.

Seth is competitive, Ben does the weirdest techniques, Delong dances to all the music, Matt encourages, Pula holds the ball in his palm, Meg...tries hard, Amy is the graceful bowler, Pete watches the Blackhawks in game three, and Kraft tells us what the pins would be saying if they talked to each other.

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