Saturday, June 5, 2010

Peace out 1938

I counted today and figured out that since I was a senior in High School I have moved 19 times.

Today I officially left apartment 1938. I lived by myself this year which was a totally new experience (I had never lived with less then 7 roommates.) and I thought I would hate it. And I did for awhile. But then I got used to washing my dishes when I wanted, watching the TV shows I liked, going to sleep in quiet, and having time to myself when I needed it. Next year I'll live with friends but I think this was a good experience.

I will miss my mantel and this tree.

From my living room I watched this tree's leaves turn colors and then fall off. The limbs get covered in snow and ice. And most recently I got to enjoy the new green leaves growing. I really love trees.

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  1. I'm at 15 moves since I graduated high school. We are ridiculous!