Monday, October 18, 2010


First of all- today I got to hang out with Susan, home from HOPE college, at Goodwill.  She is joyful which I think is a quality hard to come by. Many people can pretend to be happy but to be truly joyful when your circumstances aren't all perfect is something you work at and something you find through faith.

Second of all- I ate dinner with my friend Molly and we wore our country hoe down outfits to Noodles and people thought we looked...really fun. I love spending time with Molly because of how genuine she is- there's no act, she just tells it how it is and expresses every emotion with full force.

Third of all- we went to a BARN PARTY!

This is my "best friend" David. 

One of my favorite things is dressing up- dictionary day at school or theme nights and campfires at camp or YL club. We borrowed flannels from Matty B and there were several pairs of overalls and dozens of cowboy hats.

Club in this barn was crazy. We were up on the second floor in the loft and hundreds of kids from all the Indy area schools were crammed in. Kids were in every square foot of the loft and climbing up onto the beams to see. While we were first singing everyone was jumping and I thought the floor was going to collapse. I think all the leaders had minor panic attacks.

It was so fun to have a club where all of YL came together. I love the energy and excitement that comes from an event like this. I kept hearing kids say, "this is SO cool."

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