Sunday, October 17, 2010

Red River Gorge shirts 3 for 12.95. Maybe we could bargain 4 for 15.

Ready to head off on our camping adventure with our packs and pillows. I made Sar bring her pillow even though everyone thought this was kind of ridiculous.

Kaylee, Kayla, Sar and I drove 4 hours to KY. Then we drove around the forest until we finally found out campsite at 1am. It was full. We drove around some more until we went back to the Shell where we had bought our permit to find directions. We bypassed a sketch campsite and finally went to Miguel's a pizza place and a place for hardcore climbers to pitch their tents. At 2am we unpacked all of our staff in the parking lot. We silently, sleepily carried all our stuff to the field/yard/campsite and then set up our tent in the dark. By 2:30am we were in our sleeping bags.

When we woke up at Miguel's I felt like we were in the Olympic village.

We are hardcore campers. Duh.

We packed up the tent and snuck away before anyone discovered we weren't hardcore climbers.

Beware of Bears. We were ready to not be attacked but this is what we would look like if a bear popped out.

This is pretty and I like the curvy tree.

Lunch was gourmet Ritz crackers, a bag of pepperoni, 14 servings of cubed cheese, and a bag of Michigan apples.

We set up camp at Rockbridge, one of Jim's campsites, for our second night. He and Sue have been on this property since 1980. My favorite part was the big swing in the tree right by our fire pit.

The sun was so warm and it was great to be out of the car after driving around the winding Kentucky roads to find this spot. We couldn't wait for night because this field would give us the best view of the stars.

One more hike in the afternoon where we hiked over 72 logs, passed Dudley Dursley, saw Sky Bridge (but didn't really see anything), saw more of the giant leaves, and played the state game. When our stomachs started growling we found our way back to Miguel's for their infamous pizza. We got one large pepperoni and one large chicken/avocado/pesto tomato with a Diet Coke on the side. Yes, it was perfect. A stop at the Shell for s'more supplies and we were back to the campsite.

We played with a flashlight and extra long shudder speed.

Another night in the tent which was accompanied by yelling frat boys across the field, cold toes, my coughing fit, and dewy sleeping bags in the morning. Breakfast was a tortilla of peanut butter, cheerios, and raisins. We cleaned up in 15 minutes and were back on the road to Indiana.

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