Sunday, October 31, 2010

I love

I love when the sky looks like this.

I love getting creative letters from pen-pals.

I love dictionary day and dressing up as "eclectic." I love that students were dressed up to represent hippie, monochromatic, hobo, eccentric, colorful, prepared, ninja, stealth, fat, and frost among other things.

I love being in a teacher donut eating contest with a gym full of cheering children. I love wearing chemistry goggles and plastic bibs as we scarf down 10 mini-chocolate donuts.

I love kids that cheer me on.

I love friends that come to visit, laugh, reminisce, eat, tell stories, witness funny things I do in my sleep, laugh, eat and talk about how we're going to keep being great friends in the future.

I love having Thanksgiving dinner in October. I love being in a community where people not only share baked goods and turkey but their lives, stories, Saturday nights, country-line dance moves, and laughter.

I love going to a church where we take off our shoes because we're standing on holy ground. I love that the singing feels like worship and not like a concert. I love that today we listened to a man talk about how God is leading him from same sex attraction to wholeness in God- this church talks about real life and puts a face to things people are too afraid to talk about.

I love books that make me gasp and scream with shock and anticipation. But I am very angry at this book and James Dashner now because I have no idea what just happened in the conclusion and what this means for Thomas, Theresa and the rest of the kids in the Trials and there is no book three to go read.

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