Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Real Life

I'm thankful FBC only had 40ish kids today because I actually got to sit down with them. I learned all of their names and could say good-bye to them by name when they left today. It's crazy that 40ish seems like a small group. I love this community of kids and how excited they get when they finally figure out the V and how to make 4-knots the right direction so it looks hardcore.

I'm thankful for great roommates. I'm lucky that we all get along and take care of each other well- that's the way it is supposed to be. I love that even if we're tired or cranky or frustrated we can come home and just be here. And I love that they're the friends that make it okay to go grocery shopping and eat a donut while you're still walking around the store.

Tonight I was watching Brothers & Sisters and the family has crazy conflicts going on for every single character. Basically these people think they're lives are falling apart about 15 minutes in. But as shows always do, they make everything neatly resolved by the end of the hour. Real life is not like that.

Life's conflicts do not get resolved so quickly for every character. Today I was reminded of that.

But we have something going for us that TV shows don't. We have real life friends that are surrounding us. They truly care about us, want to listen to what is going on, and pray for us. Friends don't always have the answers and they don't have to supply a quick solution. They just have to show up and be there for us.

When conflict is going on we have to allow other people to come alongside us. We have to trust them enough to help us when we need it.

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