Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a normal day in Junior High

Payton stopped me in the hall and said, "Look Miss Wright, I have a blue tooth." She then opened her mouth and craned her head back--she had a blue filling in one of her top molars. I told her it was really cool and she said she wished it could have been pink.

I was checking homework in comp and all students had to do today was print out an article about their first research topic. Mikaela is always on top of everything and extremely organized. I stopped at her desk to check her article- she laminated it for fun last night.

One of the Science teachers in my hall came out with a toy air bazooka and was hitting kids with balls of air. I borrowed it for 7th period and we decided to call on people by shooting them with air instead of calling their name. I've never had students so excited to read.

I often put a riddle on the white board outside of my classroom. Today's has stumped a lot of people: Two words both beginning with F and ending with E that fit in the blanks F_____E and F______E that make a common three world phrase.
As people were trying to figure it out Erin came up to me, "I have a riddle for you- What's blue and smells like red paint?" I stared at her very confused and told her I didn't know. "BLUE PAINT!" she said and then ran to her next class.

One of the 8th grade Science teachers invited me to come down to her classroom to eat a graham cracker that had been in liquid nitrogen. She pulled it out of a styrofoam cooler with tongs. As soon as I put it in my mouth it started burning it was so cold. Steam came out of my mouth and nose as I tried to quickly chew it up. My mouth still feels strange.

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