Sunday, January 12, 2014


When I woke up Friday morning our two hour delay had magically become another snow day, our fifth of the week. I met up with KCraig and Trulock, my YL and teacher friends for lunch at Paradise. They had both dropped their kids back off at day care and we just sat and talked for hours. Whether they're making me laugh, telling stories, being vulnerable or coming up with some brilliant new scheme, I love hanging out with this pair. They're ridiculous and their friendship means so much to me.

I drove up to Quilt Camp at Tecumseh Thursday afternoon where my mom Bethie and the rest of the sewers were already hard at work. Much smaller than the December mother-daughter camp, I was ready for a chill weekend with my mom and friend Sarah Battaglia.

We are an awesome sewing machine and have our roles perfected after sewing several quilt together. Sar cuts the fabric and then irons. Mom runs everything through the machine. I organize the pieces and blocks as they pass between Sar and Bethie.

By Saturday evening we had finished our newest quilt. We're loving the bright colors (it's even brighter in real life than the pictures), the birds and roses, and the striped squares. All the ladies were asking about our fabric and pattern because now they want to make it too.

This weekend I loved getting to see my friend Mel who became a quilter, long talks with Sar about everything, extra time to knock out a couple friendship bracelets, working with Bethie, camp kids running around and one more weekend at my favorite place.

I'm thankful for a friend like Sarah that makes it a priority to spend time together when we live so far apart. I don't think I'll ever get tired of being friends with her. I'm excited for more adventures we already have planned for this semester.

Sophie was working at camp Sunday morning so she came and visited me after she finished at archery. Soph is a riot and I'm so thankful that we've become friends this year. Heart to hearts and laughing and being sufficiently fun and weird are all key to the time we spend together.

I got to have quite the reunion at dinner tonight with Emily and Eric Glanders, Rachel Ardery and Beef Needham. Beef is in town for a coaching conference so he took our group of camp friends out to dinner at Napolese. Over shared pizzas we told new and old stories, asked questions and went right back to where we left off last. I'm always so thankful for long lasting camp friendships like these.

Just as I was going to bed tonight my phone blew up with texts in all caps from CILT girls, "YOU'RE FAMOUS! OH MY GOD!" The one and only kid president posted the picture of Jamie, Irene, Smooney and I from this summer when we dressed up like him on Super Hero night. We all FREAKED OUT and could hardly believe. We were low-key famous.

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