Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"When I was little I thought that I was a robot."

Wednesday fiestas are one of my favorite weekly traditions. I haven't hung out with these girls in a month so today we were thrilled to have everyone back together-- Alex, Rachel, Hope and Katy P. These girls can flip flop back and forth between deep conversations and uncontrollable laughter. We are professionals at queso and salsa eating, Top 10 Bucket Lists and teaching each other new things.

Today is Julia Dewolf's golden birthday, the day she's been waiting for since she was 7, she's turning 15 on the 15th. She got birthday pancakes this morning and birthday snow all day long. While the rest of her family went to her brother's basketball game, I picked her up to take her to Chipotle, her favorite, for dinner. Little did she know that I had Brookie hiding in the back seat to surprise her. Brooke started pulling on pieces of Julia's hair until she finally turned around to see if someone was back there.

After dinner Julia put 15 straws into her cup to symbolize her 15 revolutions around the Sun, we sang Fifteen at the top of our lungs in the car and talked about all the best parts of having a birthday. We made a pit stop at the Junior High so Julia could see her grandparents and we also ran into Genna and some of my 7th grade kids.

Last we stopped at Starbucks to get Julia a birthday white mocha and to write a birthday Top 10 list. We wished it wasn't a school night because the three of us wanted to keep hanging out. These two are full of giggles, Snapchat selfies, funny stories and great ideas. Spending time with them is never boring. It was a gift to get to celebrate Julia's birthday with her and help remind her of how awesome, kind and joyful she is. Now we can't wait for Julia's birthday: part 2 on Friday.

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