Monday, January 27, 2014

"Young Life cancelled school so everyone can come to Club tonight!"

Do you know what's better than having a Young Life Dance Party on Monday night? NOT HAVING SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY! We got the call from Jim White halfway through our leadership meeting and I immediately switched into hyper mode. No school doesn't affect most of our leaders, but it meant that suddenly all of our kids didn't have to do their homework tonight.

Tons of kids showed up, pumped for a dance party and dressed up in their Young Life shirts, tutus, snapbacks and neon accessories. The Brookes (featured below) rock my socks. Brookie Cookie is a baller and I love when we get to have our shooting contest and she laughs at everything I say and we just play the whole time. Brooke Barnes is so busy with soccer a lot of the time so I get pumped when she can come to club. Brooke is a party.

Tonight Hannah and Haleigh had early cheer practice so they both got to come to the dance party.

More and more friends kept showing up and we ran around taking pictures and screaming, "NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!" I love when I get to see Julia, Olivia and Brooke all at once. These girls just make it so much fun to be a Young Life leader. I'd hang out with them every day if we could.

The sophomore girls rolled in ready to throw down. They understand what makes a really great dance party outfit. Hannah, Natalie, Marie and Brooke always have so much fun together.

Cousins Maddy and Natalie are the kind of friends that feel like family to me. I love that we get to live the dream together all year round.

Ryan taught us a game called Twerk Tag that he learned at training in Florida. Everyone grabs their ankles and then hops and waddles around the room running into other people.

It's ok if you fall over, you just can't let go of your ankles.

When there were only about ten twerkers left we moved them inside the free throw square and stood around the outside watching the mayhem.

Watching people's reactions might have been even more fun than watching the people actually playing the game.

Audrey and Nat Rat were two of the last ones standing because they're so beast. I bet they were so good because they've had plenty of practice doing the trick where you put your legs through the arms of a sweatshirt and walk around.

One of the highlights of the night was when Alex Kocher taught everyone a giant choreographed dance. It was like Dance Marathon line dance meets Hip Hop clinic with the best of Young Life all at once. She did such a good job of being patient with a crowd of this many people and getting all of us to learn the dance. We went hard and everyone was sweating and dancing and going crazy. So. Much. Fun.

The boys lead the way with the dance circle. You know when one person is in the middle and shows off their best moves? Seeing all of these different kids step into the middle was hilarious.

We all screamed for Karl, who came for the very first time tonight. KCraig can get down with the best of them. Teress taught us how to play and Imaginary Basketball Game and everyone was suddenly the most incredible basketball player to ever step foot on the court.

Almost all of our Junior and Senior Wyld Life leaders were at Club tonight. These kids are the best and hanging out with them is always fun. Because we have no school tomorrow, most of us went to Wendy's after club to hang out.

Ryan gave the Club talk tonight about how Jesus stands at the door and knocks. He waits for us to invite him in and share a meal with him. This week Ryan got to go to Jorge's house and eat traditional Salvadorian papooses with his family. He told us about how special it was to get to share that meal with them and be embraced by his family. The bible is filled with stories of Jesus sharing meals with friends and even whole crowds of people. Jesus wants to have a friendship, a relationship with us.

Young Life is the best. Dance Parties rock. Having no school creates instant happiness. These friends are awesome. Tonight was a very, very good night.

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