Thursday, January 2, 2014

"I've watched Blackfish 6 times in the past week." Winter Break week 2

Things you need to know:

1. I've been having so much fun with friends and traveling all over that I just haven't made it a priority to blog. Sometimes you've got to just be in the moment instead of documenting the moment.

2. I accidentally left my computer charger at our ski house in Michigan so I haven't been able to take pictures for a whole week. Not having pictures also makes me not want to blog. But thank goodness for iPhones because we still have a handful.

Monday my friend Sophie came to Indy to visit and play with us. We met more CILT girls and Young Life friends at the Forum to go ice-skating. We were holding onto each other for dear life at first but soon skating confidently on our own. I love any time that friends from different parts of my life spend time together.

Other highlights of the day included finally getting medicine at the doctor, dinner with CILT girls at Panda Express, watching Blackfish (a documentary about the whales at Sea World) and having a sleepover with Natty B and Sophie.

Tuesday morning Soph, Nat and I went to get donuts before the girls headed home. I love that these two still have so much little girl inside of them--they're goofy and fun and so beautifully themselves. 

My friends Sarah and Ben came to town from Chicago for NYE and I met up with them Mary Ellen, Hannah, Kaylee and Kayla for the rest of the day. We got pizza for lunch, went grocery shopping, cooked for our NYE party, played Pandemic and hung out till it was time to go to the Houghton's.

I've spent NYE at the Houghton's house for five years in a row now. It's Nick's birthday so it's always a combination birthday and New Year's party. We eat tons of delicious food, play games and answer reflective questions. This year the boys went to the Butler game and we all devoured Big Cookie together at 11:30. At the stroke of midnight we all do headstands so we can start the year with a new perspective.

Wednesday morning Sar, Ben and I woke up and started our 2014 with breakfast at the Pancake House. Over pancakes and cups of coffee we each made a list of dreams for the next year. We did this together last year too and it was fun looking back and seeing how we had done. I miss Sar and Ben while they're up in Chicago but I'm so glad that they're friends who put effort into these relationships and they make time to come down and visit.

Smooney drove in from Peoria for the best first day of the year together. Smoon is one of my best friends and I love that I've gotten to see her twice during this break. We went to visit Taylor Fischl who is recovering from surgery and made top 10 lists at a bookstore. We met up with camp friends for our annual Mellow Mushroom dinner on the first of the year. These CILTs and counselors are such fun people and I loved seeing all of them gathered around one table.

Who doesn't love playing with friends like Smooncat, Lizzy Dale and Oh la la Olivia? These people make me laugh and we didn't want to leave after we were all finished. Smoon and I went home and made more lists and packed till it was time to go to sleep.

Thursday morning Sarah and I woke up early, grabbed some coffee and started the drive to Tecumseh for the Resident Staff Reunion. The snow had started falling early and the roads were covered. It took us an hour to go the first 10 miles down the highway. Thankfully the rest of the trip was fine and we made it to camp by 11.

We spent the day with a group of about 30 counselors and full time staff. We played games, talked about ways to improve staff training and camp for next summer, ate camp meals together, ran around with camp kids, competed in Empire in snowy Main Field and finished with running charades.

Smoon and I had to get back to Indy but we didn't want to leave our friends. It was so good to see these people and Claire taught me a couple new tricks before we left. On the way home Smoon and I sang in the car, ate curly fries and talked about our upcoming trips. In the morning I'd be heading off to Timberwolf and Sarah would be going to Mexico with her family.

The last few days were filled with so many people I love and fun adventures. This has been a pretty spectacular winter break.

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