Friday, January 24, 2014

You've cat to be kitten me right meow.

With our third two-hour delay of the week, our Love Does girls got to sleep in before we met this morning. They are crazy, hyper group of girls and sometimes it's hard to stay on task. But I'm so thankful for the chance to get to know them better, to learn from Bob's stories and build this foundation of faith. 

It's #ponybraidfriday again in the HSJH and I got to rock my favorite Patagonia to make today even more fun. KCraig is the bomb and she's just about the craziest person I know. I love when I walk in and find her in my classroom. I love her crazy ideas, her huge heart and her laugh that you can hear all the way down the hall.

Julia Patras is pretty incredible, and not just because she looks so good with a side pony braid. I already miss having her in class so much and wish I could have kept her the whole year. I'm thankful that she comes to visit my classroom and that she comes to Wyld Life to hang out.

After our snow cancellation last week, we finally got to have WYLD LIFE CAT CLUB! We've been pumped about this theme for weeks and couldn't wait to have some purrrfectly good fun. I was thrilled when Julia, Audrey and Elyse were three of the first to arrive.

There were cat ears, drawn on whiskers, cat t-shirts, cat sweatshirts, cat stuffed animals, cat posters and even cat leggings.

A whole crew of fun 7th and 8th graders showed up for Cat Club tonight along with our Wyld Life leaders Mariah, Hayley and Natty B. Wyld Life is always a blast and they couldn't wait to head downstairs to really start club.

First we watched the old school YouTube sensation, "Kittens Inspired By Kittens!" and sang One Direction's "Story of My Life."

We invited Adam, Maggie and Lukas upfront to play the Kitty Litter game. Once the music started the kids put their face into the tray filled with kitty litter (aka rice krispies) and pulled out the cat poop (aka Charleston Chews) and spit them in the empty tray.

I met Adam for the first time at lunch today while I was walking around. I invited him to Wyld Life and was so excited when he walked through the door. Maggie is always at Club and tonight she was so excited to play a game and be crazy intense. Lukas stepped up to the plate with a cheering section of friends right behind him.

We played team Hiss, Lick, Purr. We huddled to figure out which cat-ism we would throw and then faced off. The winners chased the losers and tried to tag them so that they would have to switch teams.

Oh goodness, people look really good when they're acting like cats.

The raffle prizes tonight consisted of six fantastic cat shirts. Did you know that Walmart sold this many cat shirt variations?

Everyone broke up into teams to try to identify a whole grid of famous cats. Do you think you'd know Garfield, Hobbs, Sylvester, Milo, Simba, Salem, Hello Kitty, Nyon Cat and more?

We watched Phoebe's performance of "Smelly Cat" in the Central Perk before we sang "We Won't Be Shaken" with Ryan.  Trulock gave the Club Talk tonight about our calling and purpose. She told us about her story and how for so long she had no idea what she wanted to do. Then along the way she realized that God had a calling for her life.

I got to sit in the stairwell with these seven girls and dive deeper into the idea that God has a plan for our lives. They may be only thirteen years old but these girls are wise and I've got so much respect for them. Audrey told us that when people ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she's going to say, "Whatever God wants me to be."

I love that I got to spend my Friday night with these kids acting like cats and being silly and weird. Afterwards I was texting with a couple of girls that are Freshmen now, but just last year they were sitting with me in a small group at the bottom of these stairs. Our ministry here will continue to shift and change and grow every single year. I'm so glad that I get a front row seat for all of that.

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