Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"I never thought I would make friendship bracelets, but I figured if I was gonna hang with you guys I'd have to learn."

The possible -40 wind chill closed down government offices and almost all the schools of Indiana today. It's strange when you get a Cold Day on a Tuesday and you wake up feeling like it's Sunday. Of course we slept in and once we finally we woke up Julia started whipping up pancakes for the whole crew. Brooke, Jack, Matt, Livvy, Lucy and I were all ready to start off this day well. Julia had gluten free, regular, chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes sizzling on the griddle and everyone's plates were stacked high.

Julia, Brook and I were excited to play all day long instead of being at school. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of hanging out with these girls. Whether we're hyper, like at Club yesterday, or lazy on the couch today, having heart to hearts late at night or just talking about Gossip Girl, these two are some of the best. I'm so thankful for these girls that love each other well, choose to be kind, listen to one another and build each other up.

I had a camper this summer named Taylor Fischl who showed up to camp with a tutu. Taylor is the queen of Disney, princesses, bows and friendship bracelets so it's not surprising that she can also rock a tutu any day of the week. I've had a tutu on my crafting to-do list since I met Taylor in June and finally got the supplies to make it happen. Do you see her rocking the tutu right there in the middle of Gold Rush?

You can buy rolls of tulle at Wal-Mart for $2.50 and a yard of elastic for just a $1. Taylor said it was about two rolls per tutu so I got enough for Julia and I with an extra roll just in case. You just cut the tulle into long strips, fold it in half and then make a knot over the elastic waistband. It didn't take us very long at all before we had very fluffy tutus of our own.

We don't have an occasion to dress up in our tutus any time soon, but I'm confident they'll come in handy at Tecumseh and Young Life. I'm sure this will become one of my favorite costumes along with my overalls, Indian vest and snap back hats.

Julia's 7th grade brother wanted to try on the tutu too. We didn't even have to prompt him to start doing some ballet moves. Julia, Brooke and I spent the rest of the afternoon working on friendship bracelets while we watched TV and talked. Brookie gave me a purple and pink three-braid, the first one she's ever made, and I love it. Today she started a second one and she is pretty much a pro now.

I met up with 8th graders Milly, Emma and Liz for dinner at Qdoba tonight. These three are ridiculous and I love just sitting and listening to their stories. My Tecumseh friend Maggie and I were talking about being a counselor for teenage girls the other day and she said, "Ugh I love them so much. They're ridiculous and so funny and annoying and perfect." She's right-- they're just a wild mix of everything and that's why we love them so much. I can't wait to go to Washington DC with these three and a few hundred of their friends in just over two weeks. It will be one heck of a trip and I'm pumped to play with them all for three days straight.

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