Thursday, January 9, 2014

"No, no. Picture that in a sarcastic tone followed by one of my weird faces. See, not mean any more."

So... we're never going back to school. But we finally got out of the Dewolf house. We went to the orthodontist this morning to fix Julia's retainer and Jack got his braces put on. I finally got to use my free-Starbucks-in-January cup again. Then we planned a pre-birthday lunch for Natty B. She's turning 17 tomorrow and wanted to make sure she started celebrating early.

I made Natty B a birthday crown that we knew she'd rock. Julia and I picked her up and we met our friends Chad and Jacob at Paradise for lunch. After being cooped up inside for days it was fun to get to catch up with these guys.

Julia and I resumed our spots on the couch as we turned the TV back on and finished my 6th and Julia's 7th bracelet. Janelle told us we should go into business but we think we'll stick with giving them to our friends.

At the news of a two-hour delay tomorrow I finally packed up to go home. It was sad to leave and Julia said, "Oh no, my sister is leaving." At this point I do feel even more apart of this family and am so thankful that they welcomed me in this week.

Back at home I unpacked, repacked for Quilt Camp, got back to cooking aka making Bagel Bites, doing laundry and watching Netflix. Another successfully awesome snow day.

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