Thursday, January 23, 2014

"High 5s are like... hitting someone who is your friend."

We had our second two hour delay of the week this morning. I sure could get used to school not starting till 9:30 each day. A whole crew of FBC girls showed up early to take our picture for the yearbook. I was telling Mrs. Wheeler, the photographer, that I didn't know who to expect since any one can buy a sweatshirt and any one can show up from week to week. The team of girls showed up dressed for the occasion in their FBC and prettiest faces. Now I just have to convince Mrs. Wheeler to use this funny picture in the yearbook instead of the normal smiling one.
Megan Hignight invited me to eat lunch with her table of 8th grade friends today. I got my tray of taco triangles and applesauce and pulled up a seat at the end of their lunch table. A few minutes later KCraig and Trulock joined us too. Lunch was a riot. For 32 minutes we laughed and talked and maybe screamed a little bit right there in the middle of the cafeteria.
KCraig, Trulock and I just kept hanging out together when we all showed up at the Junior High basketball games tonight. I'm such a fan of the boys on both the 7th and 8th grade teams. They're fantastic kids and I've loved having them in class, seeing them in the hall, talking to them at lunch and playing at Wyld Life. Of course we wanted to support them on the court. We got to hang out with YL kids like Colton and Genna in the stands, see the crowds of Junior High kids and cheer on the cheerleaders. HSJH seriously rocks. I love our school.

My friend Maggie is one of the greatest people I've ever met. I don't know any one that loves, listens, celebrates, welcomes and encourages quite like her. I love when she asks me to Skype and it feels like we just get to hang out for a little while. I wish that we lived a whole heck of a lot closer but I'm so glad that she makes time for me and keeps me in the loop of her life.

Kid President has a new video that came out today. It's the one year anniversary of the pep talk so they're doing something big. "Letter to a Person on their First Day Here" is fantastic. I can't wait to show it to my students tomorrow at the end of class.   

Brad and Robby, aka the creators of Kid President, have a way with language that connects with people. They make their words matter. One second you're laughing and the next you're just like, "Uh, yes, I totally feel that way. I know what you mean."

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