Sunday, January 19, 2014

"My grandma has her dog Petunia's face tattoed right on her stomach."

Saturday morning started with one of my old favorite traditions, coffee and blogging and people watching. I set up camp at a table in the middle of all the chaos going on and wrote about last night. I got to talk to Kim, a YL girl, when she stopped in for a hot chocolate. I love being in the midst of everything-- the four coaches planning out their season beside me, the mom with her daughter on a date, the small group of people from a church.
Sarah and Ben Battaglia were in town for a quick visit and we got to have brunch at Patachou before they headed back up to Chicago. Ben and I got our cinnamon toast and Sar got her broken yolk sandwich. I've seen them so often lately it's almost like they live in Indy.
Sunday morning I went to church at Northview and sat in the row with Wyld Life leaders Chad, Jacob and Maggie. All Juniors, these three have been such a huge part of our YL family this year and I'm continually encouraged by them and how they're choosing to live their lives. It was cool to get to share church with them.
We met up with KCraig, Mariah, Hayley and Cefali at Panera for lunch. We soon realized it was Cefali's first time ever eating at Panera so we made him get a bread bowl to really capture the experience. This group is hilarious and I love when we get to hang out together.

Maggie, Mariah, Hayley and I spontaneously decided to go and see Frozen, the new Disney movie that everyone has been obsessing over. Cartoons usually aren't my thing but I did really love Tangled so I thought I should see this one too. I've got to admit I'm a fan-- Let It Go is pretty catchy and I loved how ridiculous both Anna and Kristoff are. Definitely worth watching. My favorite part may have been the five year old girl in the row behind us belting out the words to every song.

Most Indy schools have tomorrow off for MLK Jr Day so tonight was perfect for a Chick Flick Sunday. Malena, Anne, Sam, Molly, Maddy, Kate and Ellie came over to hang out. It was so good to see all of them, especially the ones I haven't seen in awhile. We turned on a movie but didn't really watch because we just talked the whole time.

We ate Big Cookie together, fishtailed and french braided hair and wrote Top 10 Lists. Hearing the girls read their rules for life and the little things that make them smile was really cool. They are each so incredibly made and have got great ideas. They are capable of doing so much good.

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