Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Allie makes stuff! Not just art! Allie makes stuff! Not just art!"

Covering Wellness Friday morning may have been the best part of school. I walked a mile around the track with a group of rock star girls, matched with Brynn, chanted for DJ and then sat with Brynn while all four classes battled in dodge ball. 

I have to tell you about this because I think it's so cool. There are two vision-impaired students in my school that are almost blind. They have two teachers that help them with braille and all of their extra resources and support.

Those teachers have done a phenomenal job of getting the rest of the student body excited about learning braille. Every day they have a mystery word outside their classroom. Kids use a braille chart to decipher the mystery chart. Now that it's the last month of school the game has been taken to the next level. Kids can pick up a paragraph written in braille, decipher it using online charts and then turn in the translated paragraph for a prize. A couple kids were working on it when they finished their other work today. They told me that they feel like they really have been learning braille as they work on it every day.

 ABBY'S GETTING MARRIED! Let's get weird.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a bride-to-be is with a weekend like this. Friends and family from across the country gathered together at a lake house in Brown County this weekend to celebrate the one and only Miss Abby Miller. It's a beautiful thing when all of your people are together in one space.

2 minute hot seat. Burrito bowls. Mafia. 4 on a couch. Coffee. Talking. Friendship bracelets for everyone. Standing on furniture. New friends and old friends. Spontaneous singing. 21 person sleepover. Poems by Bailey. Eggs by Allie. The world's greatest cinnamon rolls. Abby has really great people.

Oh, and this view too. 

Back in Fishers it was feeling so much like summer that I went on a run. Then Fudge and I got some Speedway slushies, because they're her favorite, and went on a hunt for new Spin Pins. We ran into Fudge's sister and mom (Ava and Vicky are the greatest) and had an introduction to a dead baby turtle.

I had dinner with Hannah and Maggie tonight-- two of the craziest girls that you will ever meet. Olive Garden is one of my favs and we filled up on bread sticks, salad and pasta. Tonight was filled with plenty of laughter-- it's good for the soul. 

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"We found a baby turtle. He's dead. I'm going to put him in some water. I think it might heal him."

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