Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Do you think it's ok if I just run with them?" Wyld Life Love Bomb

This just might be the YEAR of dreams coming true my friends. Today marked the first Love Bomb for Wyld Life this year. It certainly won't be the last. The idea is simple-- we bring kids and leaders together to bomb a sport/concert/show with love. 

We had a Love Bomb for a girls basketball game years ago, after Wilderness our trail group sent a love bomb of mail to our guides Hannah and Alaina at the Ranch, the girls of Gray Wolf love bombed Haleigh with mail at IU. We love love.

KCraig put together a Love Bomb box that we'll cart around all year-- posters, markers, face paint, suckers, snacks. This is the real deal. We're ready.

Earlier this week, KCraig emailed our team and explained the WHY behind what we're doing. We love Club and Campaigners, but this will be such a key part of what we do this year.

Here are the reasons why I think it's important to do this:
  • We are not about numbers of kids, but about meaningful relationships with kids.  It's a chance to meaningfully connect with them.
  • Our ministry is about GOING TO KIDS, not expecting them to come to us.  
  • Love Bombs give us the opportunity to serve our community where our kids are- parents, teachers, coaches, and students- all at one event.  That's huge.
  • There will be kids we don't know yet there, & they will get to see what you are all about.
I'm willing to take risks and try new things to bring Him to kids we haven't met yet, and I know you are too.  

We screamed for cross country runners. We spent time together. We saw Wyld Life kids in the stands at the football game, cheering on the track, working in the concession stand. We showed up and kept things spicy. We're doing life together.

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