Thursday, September 22, 2016

"I've been putting mustard in my mac and cheese since 3rd grade... Think anyone will notice if I wear my morph suit tonight?" 100 Things I Love

One of my favorite and oldest traditions is to be intentional about being thankful. Today I got a letter that had this quote written on the envelope, "I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness... It's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude," from Brene Brown. In honor of Brene and my friend Fitzie who first introduced me to list making here are the 100 things I'm thankful for today. 

  1. texts from Johnna cheering me on
  2. Rend Collective wisdom
  3. secretly delivering letters
  4. finishing a project
  5. after school snacks
  6. visits from my 8th grade girls during the day
  7. lunch with Brandi and Haley
  8. having Smoon as one of my best friends and checking in with each other
  9. reminiscing with Ellyn and Liz about cookie dough chunks and other traditions
  10. letters from CILT girls telling me about their life
  11. changing into Nike shorts and Chacos after school
  12. heart to hearts with Kcraig and doing life together
  13. Ellyn's joy when she gets to do a pyramid or the human knot
  14. Lorelai, Luke, Rory and Logan
  15. ABC shows are back on Thursdays
  16. pretending I'm friends with Jen Hatmaker, Glennon Doyle Melton and Shauna Niequist
  17. spicy, sweet, chili Doritos's at lunch every day
  18. 2nd period prep
  19. the friendship bracelet stockpile growing for next summer
  20. what I'm learning from The Purpose Driven Life
  21. texts or emails with pictures of Lincoln and Redford
  22. vanilla latte in the morning and Diet Coke in the afternoon
  23. how much Katrina inspires me to be authentic in my faith and my life
  24. Kathryn Garrett's laughter
  25. how Rachel Phillips makes her dreams come true
  26. hugs from Liz Huston and Kaylee
  27. dinner dates and adventures with Maddie
  28. Camp T Field Trip (one week away!)
  29. reuniting with my fav Mr. Hodgin and catching up on life
  30. "Ryan, did you used to be in Straight No Chaser?"
  31. Keep Exploring mindset
  32. the Home Team
  33. Monday mornings with my 8th grade girls
  34. being intentional with Wilderness girls about loving God together
  35. "God, whether I get anything else done today, I want to make sure I spend time loving you and loving other people - because that’s what life is all about. I don’t want to waste this day."
  36. FitBit steps all day every day
  37. Ben Rector dance parties
  38. flipping over the next quote on my daily calendar when I get to school every morning
  39. mornings when you can sleep in without an alarm
  40. when your friend remembers something important about your life and asks how it's going
  41. "Community is more than just fitting someone into your schedule."
  42. No Pants Wednesday 
  43. meal questions
  44. scrunchies taking over 
  45. anticipation
  46. playing, "Remember when..."
  47. being part of something bigger than yourself
  48. people who are authentic-- especially when it makes their weird shine
  49. quac and Chiptopia
  50. countdowns till the CILT Reunion
  51. sticker collections on water bottles
  52. #tecumsehtuesday posts on Insta every single week
  53. Mike Lang's Tecumseh Tales and Newsletters
  54. all of the articles and videos in The Salon
  55. my friendship bracelet covered backpack
  56. how excited people get when new FBC shirts arrive
  57. being real life friends with Katie Smelko
  58. PITS
  59. John Balmat's unwavering positivity and humor
  60. dancing with Paige Walters
  61. how often Claire wears her best friend necklace and friendship bracelet necklace to school
  62. the new 80's Varsity FBC shirts
  63. cards that are so good you want to hang them up
  64. crafting days with best friends
  65. dream days with best friends
  66. when I actually allow myself to do nothing and it's good
  67. efficiency
  68. opening up an envelope of Happy Mail and having so many new cards to write
  69. the Longhouse Porch
  70. spending the most time in the Party Room
  71. making weird things cool
  72. knowing every word at a concert
  73. when kids wave from the court/field
  74. reunion hugs with kids like Alice, Erin and Nikki
  75. running around a YL camp as soon as you arrive
  76. backpack days
  77. "All I wanna do is make stuff and love people."
  78. how excited CILTs get to make their wooden nametag
  79. Mallory Myer's heart
  80. knowing you'll be friends with someone forever
  81. how Shub still hasn't grown out of being ridiculous
  82. running during Empire with a pack of kids and feeling like you're on the promo video
  83. finding the Empire key when you're all by yourself and sneaking back to your kingdom
  84. passing period walks around school
  85. starting the morning by reading Purpose Driven Life and thinking back on it all day long
  86. a Patagonia that you just never want to take off
  87. experiences like Wilderness and CILTs that can't be explained in words
  88. singing in the Green Cathedral and Hope's Dimnent Chapel
  89. when people get an email or an answered call from Bob Goff and it makes them feel so pumped about life
  90. my friendship rock from Smoon that has been in my car for years
  91. the monologues at the start and end of Grey's Anatomy
  92. Hannah and Alaina's friendship that taught me so much about love and whimsy
  93. getting to teach little siblings like Lucy and Audrey and Luke
  94. "Brown is, after all, everyone's most flattering color."
  95. the hype of the DC 8th grade trip
  96. devouring a book in a day and then sharing it with a friend 
  97. "Today is worth celebrating."
  98. quotes as blog titles
  99. daily pics with Ellyn
  100. spending my prep period in gym playing

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