Monday, September 12, 2016

"This whole YL thing is wild, man. What a gift of life to get to live in the kingdom."

Friday in class Holden said, "It's Disney day at cheer practice Saturday. I don't know what character to dress up as." I told her to go as Walt Disney because no one else would show up like an old man. Today in class she whips out her iPad, "Look Miss Wright, I did it!" This is why I love 7th grade. 

Highs of the day:
1.Telling my classes about visiting the World's Largest Ball of Paint and rocking a side pony and deciding to be in a good mood all day
2. Bible study this morning with my Party People and playing Cups and Human Knot because Mondays can always use more laughter

3. Jessica cruising through Purpose Driven Life and seeing her be so excited even if she has tons of questions and is confused too
4. Letters in the mail from Cass and Carolyn
5. Texting with Smoon and Smelko

6. Cheering on the JV and Varsity teams of volleyball
7. Smiling so big when Kaylee showed up at YL
8. Hanging out with the LN girls at YL tonight

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