Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"I went back to Petco because I needed another fish to fill my empty heart."

"Just keep meeting together-- even if only two of you can make it-- just keep showing up." We are sitting in the middle of a clearing between mountains. Holding pizza bagels in our hands, it is our last lunch together of Wilderness. Tomorrow morning we'll be hiking out together, but today the 14 of us are still entrenched in this Wilderness community. 

Alaina and Hannah, our guides, commissioned us to not give up in meeting together and reading the word together. This was too special to give up. And now, weeks later, we're doing it. We're meeting together. We're reading the bible. Even if only two, or three, or four of us can be here. A whole lot cleaner... and warmer... than when we were in the mountains, but our motivation is still the same. This is worth it.

Tonight Wyld Life Campaigners kicked off for the first time of the school year. Oh my goodness I love being part of this. 7 adult leaders. 17 HS leaders. Those numbers alone, the people they represent are a resounding answer to prayer and a picture of God's faithfulness.

Dozens of kids walked up to the Halkyard's house tonight and were greeted by leaders so excited to know them and welcome them. We do family well.

I invited one of my students to come to Wyld Life tonight and gave her the address on a Post-It note. When I was greeting kids outside she walked up with her mom with a huge smile on her face. I was so excited that she had shown up. Her mom told me that this was a God thing because she had just gotten some news about still having a concussion. Even if she can't go back to sports, she was so excited she had been invited here.

“Without purpose, life is motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason.  Without a purpose, life is trivial, petty, and pointless.” -Rick Warren

KCraig is using The Purpose Driven Life for our Campaigner's lessons this semester and I'm so excited about it. Many of the girls and leaders in my group are reading the book with me in bible study so they've already been thinking about these things. Tonight we got to think about our purpose and motivation-- the things that are driving us that aren't working out well and the purposes that God has given to us.

  • Knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life
  • Knowing your purpose simplifies your life
  • Knowing your purpose focuses your life
  • Knowing your purpose motivates your life
  • Knowing your purpose prepares you for eternity

"I find my purpose in preparing for eternity because I know that's what I'm made for and nothing that I'm doing here on earth compares to that."

"I haven't grown up in church like most of these people, and I usually don't understand what people are talking about, but tonight for the first time I really feel like God knows my name."

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