Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Sometimes I act extra weird just to get on people's snap stories."

The Love Bomb Diggity was back and better than ever for round two tonight at the Clubhouse. First we gathered to make posters and eat chik-fil-a sandwiches. 

Mallory is an art enthusiast and that translated right to her poster.

Johnna, cheer coach queen, showed up with all kinds of fancy cheer signs and a megaphone.

Johnna is our new spirit animal. She texted me later, "How much freaking fun did we have?! Streamers, signs and megaphones oh my! I was thinking of how silly the girls were, Kathy twirling with those dang streamers, the honking contest as we all left. THIS is how life should be lived-- with fun people doing fun things."

Being fun is definitely in our nature. And showing up for people. And bringing the party. And inviting everyone to get in the action with us.

We took over the far section of bleachers-- football players turned around to stare when we arrived and parents didn't quite know what to think.

Streamers turned into ribbon dancers.

Then enthusiasm couldn't be contained.

"It's ok, my mom's a cheer coach."

Once we started with the pyramids, Maggie and Jesse made sure we kept them going the rest of the game.

Morgan and Tiff did some finger knitting with their streamer ties.

We met some new families, gave chick-fil-a to the athletic director and assistant principal, cheered for the cheerleaders.

A few weeks ago Ben talked to us at TWL about being Pioneers--thinking differently and daring to try something new. KCraig the Pioneer was brave enough to mix up Wyld Life this year and say that showing up to just be with kids in a big way was worth our time. The rest of us are jumping on the Conestoga wagon and trail blazing with her.

Ellyn, Kegley and I jumped over to HSE across the street for the last home soccer game of the year. Not only did we get to cheer for our HSE gal pals, but big girl Emma was on the Zionsville bench taking stats. Twas a grand Wednesday night. 

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