Thursday, September 8, 2016

"I don't FBC but I want one of those Varsity shirts."

Today felt a little bit like Christmas. Inspired by my friend Gianna's sorority shirt this summer, the Varsity has a new shirt for the new school year.

I don't think we could be more excited about this 80's meets Full House Varsity frocket. The Varsity line up (both HSE and other midwest friends) has been updated, new projects have been started and we're ready to knot.

Friendship Bracelet Club kicked off at the Clubhouse after school today for all my 7th and 8th grade pals. We've got a new location in the auditeria this year-- plenty of room to spread out and tables to meet around. 60 kids seem a lot less overwhelming when they're in this giant room.

Did you know that FBC is a franchise? There are now branches of FBC at least 7 other schools. You could now go make bracelets at Zionsville HS, Cathedral HS (they had 200 girls at their first meeting!), HSE HS, Peoria Notre Dame HS, Northwestern HS, Carmel HS and Dunlap HS.

I'm so excited about returning 8th graders who whipped out their in-progress-bracelets and rolls of tape, patterns pulled up on their iPad and iPhone screens. These girls already know what they're doing and will be a huge help to the 7th graders.

The FBC army is starting off strong. OH! AND NEW TO FBC IS A SISTER CLUB-- You can now color with Mrs. Hiatt if you are string challenged. Same time, same place, different skill. She's pumped about it.

Ellyn showed up for FBC which we're hoping will be a regular occurrence. Lucy and Audrey are now proudly representing our Camp Tecumseh summer campers for the 7th grade class.

There are always plenty of reasons to celebrate-- you've just go to look for them. Today I'm celebrating new Varsity FBC frockets, the first FBC of the year, doing life with Ellyn, letters from Chrissy, Miranda and Anna Morgan, dinner with Maddie, Liz and Line, cheering on the HS volleyball teams as they defeated Fishers.

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  1. I am starting a Friendship Bracelet club at my school. We each have to do a club and I was thinking about something that was cheap and easy to do. I am going to use it to talk about friendship and how to be a good friend. I just have to teach myself how to make them. LOL I have been watching youtube.