Monday, September 5, 2016

"I recommend that everyone has a relationship with God. I recommend that everyone goes to a summer camp. I recommend that you always gets the 12 piece chicken nugget. I recommend that everyone has 6 female huskies." Work Crew Pits

For the second year in a row, I took a group of Young Life girls to Timber Wolf Lake to serve as the Work Crew Pits team for Family Weekend. We left after school Thursday and spent the following four days washing approximately 4,176 plates alone. These girls stacked, sprayed, washed, scrubbed, sanitized, organized and sorted more trays, cups, forks, pans and bowls than you could possibly imagine. 

Highs of the weekend:

Life story questions in the car on the way to camp
Eating ice-cream every single day
DJ Maddie blaring the tunes all weekend long

Screaming when we saw the Timber Wolf Lake camp sign
Running around camp once we arrived and picking our bunks
"God uses pioneers-- and he wants to use you."

Visiting Gray Wolf with Caroline and Maddie
Carrying people's bags to their cabins as they arrived on Friday
Hanging out with Alex Craig and Gracie

Being back at TWL-- my favorite YL camp and the one that feels the most like home
Having 5 whole days with these YL girls and watching them become friends

Getting to be in the same place as Sarah B, Ben and Annie
Having time to talk with Jon and Annie, Jack and Linda, KCraig and Steve
Working with the bakers Cyndy and Dutch and soaking up their wisdom

Getting to be real life friends and Bosses with Katie Smelko
Face-timing Alaina (Smelko's BFF and one of my guides from Wilderness)
"Over explanation separates us from astonishment."
Fulfilling the life dream of hearing Annie Houghton give a Club Talk
Seeing Kylie Houghton be on the Program team

Working with Susan and John in Pits and becoming friends with this phenomenal pair
Saturday night dinner when 11 people were working in Pits and we finished dinner by 8:00
Personally not breaking any dishes this year

Laughing with Katie Smelko every time we got to hang out
Senior Carmel girls cooking in the kitchen-- Molly, Audrey, Izabelle, Claire, Mylene, Maddy and the rest of the crew
Getting to hang out with Christina and Frankie Jane

HSE Paul Bunyan ice-cream party
Going on a run around TWL
Watching Netflix, braceleting, drinking Diet Coke and not talking with Maddie in the hallway

Being back at TWL for 5 whole days and getting to experience it in such a different way than summer camp (and having two days off of school)
Having Mylene in the kitchen, who did Pits for a month this summer, who would come help us out

Feeling so content and joyful even if we were utterly exhausted
Everything was "fried"
Sitting around a table with KCraig, Smelko, John, Annie and Kylie on Sunday night while eating pizza and sharing life
John Balmat helping us in Pits, making the girls laugh and being generally hilarious all of the time

Eating lunch in Holland with my parents, Nick, Linc and Red at Subs n' More
Running into Lauren Depree-- my very first YL girl at Holland Christian
Seeing Sydney Sabbagha living the dream at Hope College and seeing her dorm room
Visiting Demi who is loving Hope and seeing her room in Gilmore
Hanging out with my sister Katie in her new office in Dewitt
Getting to see our old YL friend Holly for about 3 minutes
Stopping for Chik-Fil-A and discovering there was a brand new Chipotle right next door
Singing in the car, more life story questions and laughing on the final leg of the ride back home

Honorable Mention Blog Title
"Is that one of those inside jokes? I'd love to be part of one of those someday."

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