Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"I like this wrap more than any boy I've ever known."

BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! The first day of school is also a huge reunion. Since I taught all 7th grade last year all of my students returned to the Clubhouse and seeing them was the best part of the day. Ellie came to my class first thing with a first day of school card for me and the greatest hug. 

Meeting kids on the first day is a whirlwind of names, seating charts and introductions. One of the questions I asked on the first day survey is, "What do you wish schools taught?" and this kid wrote on the back he had so much to say. "How to pay tax, learn basic first aid, how to raise a kid, learn our human rights, how to trade stocks, recognize a mental disorder, how to get a mortgage, learn current day practical medicines." 

All summer long I've been missing my favorite-- Taco & Burrito Place. It was the main attraction tonight for the party people Chloe (who I hadn't seen in a year!!!!), Rachel and Smelko. I couldn't wait to say hi to everyone working behind the counter and to get a chorizo taco. This place is still the best. It's so good to be home.

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