Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Do I fill up my water in this town or in the Lake one?"

This is Hannah. Two different summers she has been in Hopi when I'm across the porch in Choctaw. She's been in clinics of mine for three summers. At this point we're pretty tight. She also likes to steal my hats and be a little feisty but that's okay because I really love her.

David wrote an awesome new chapel skit about two penguins that set off on a crazy and eventually end up on the Ark. It was smart and funny and full of cultural references and just such a great twist this far into the summer. David did a wrap up about God's plan for our life often being different than what we expect and how his plans can turn out greater in the end than what we originally expected.

We learned the V in friendship bracelet clinic today. Ellyn and I are making it the advanced version of regular friendship bracelet clinic because the kids are all capable. We're stepping things up a notch.

I forgot how fun clinics really are. I love getting to know the personalities of these kids and then running into them through out the rest of the day.

Hip Hop clinic is moving along quite well. We've mastered the first minute and thirty seconds of the dance which is right on schedule.

Ellyn and I were two of many counselors celebrating #tecumsehtuesday in our new spirit jerseys. We're all a little obsessed right now with them.

Ellyn the counselor has become best friends with Ellyn the camper. Names have the ability to do that, especially when they're spelled the same.

I'm so glad that even though we switched villages I still get to see Smooney and JZ all the time. It would be so hard to do all of this without them nearby.

I helped cause a little bit of good old-fashioned ruckus at lunch today. We did a couple table turns while the Whitetail boys were prancing around and then gifted Arapaho with some extra red trays, water pitchers and plates while they were stampeding across the room. Don't worry, we helped them clean it up later too.

We headed up to the Lake after rest hour for our first swim time there. Because I'm with a regular cabin now that means I can get assigned jobs as a watcher. I knew I'd probably have one this afternoon and ended up getting...

THE BLOB! I got to be a watcher on the blob for all of lake time, just jumping around with kids and making them fly into the air over and over again. Not a bad job at all.

Choctaw has also officially come up with a cabin cheer. Inspired by "the Earth is our Mother" yesterday, we now cheer, "CHOCTAW IS OUR CABIN. WE MUST TAKE CARE OF HER. HEY YUN A HOY YUN A HAY YUN YUN." and dance around like Indians and it's awesome. William Scales told us it's his favorite cheer EVER.

For years I've believed in the magic of Tuesday in a cabin. By Tuesday night, and sometimes by Tuesday afternoon, a cabin clicks and figures out the dynamic for the week. By the end of lake time today Choctaw girls were loving life and loving camp all together.

We finished our pop stop and then headed over to the Lookout field to play Dominican Chaos with Mingo and the Dots. This campetition was for our total Warrior score for the week so it was important that we did well. We ended up totally beating the competition and getting first almost every round. We made sure we were good sports though and it was fun for everyone the whole time.

At this point I feel like I'm back in my element too with these kids. It's quite the week of transitions for us but I just had so much fun with all of these kids today. And I finally got to wear my new Lincoln shirt and 'Merica hat so you know it had to be a good day.

I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate Colleen Whiting's 20th birthday tonight. The best parts were singing in the car with Mags, Moll and Lesem, getting ice-cream and just being with Alli Kenney and Liz Koch making me laugh all of dinner.

I brought back donuts for the Choctaw girls but they were still falling asleep when I returned. So all the counselors went to sleep too and I set my alarm for 1am. When it went off Ellyn, Kat and I got up, lit the devotion candles, played "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and then sat on the ground and whispered, "Come here! Come here!" to the girls. Eventually eight out of the ten came and sat on the floor with us to eat donuts. They were sleepy but still thought it was really fun. In the morning they all thought it had been a dream.

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