Sunday, July 14, 2013

"I just reached level 2 sweat."

This morning the CILTs performed their chapel for all of the stay overs after breakfast.

I always love seeing my kids up on stage telling the story and singing the songs. I know they're usually a little bit nervous but they always do a phenomenal job.

Kate did such a great job explaining the bible verse about not judging others based on their appearance. Gianna shared a story about how she used to doubt her abilities on her volleyball team because she was short but she's learned that God may have made her short but that doesn't limit her talents and she is still valuable.

We watched Beauty and the Beast the rest of the morning but really I just liked being with friends. I'm so glad that Ellyn, Anna, Chrissy, Liz, Jamie and Margaret all worked this weekend. I love that girls like Olivia Benz, Sarah, Arden, Shannon and Molly are all stay overs that I'll get to keep seeing.

We got to go back to the pool one more time while all the counselors were in the staff meeting.

One of the greatest things about CILTs (Okay, there are a lot of great things about CILTs) is that EVERYONE stays for TWO weeks. This weekend we don't have to say good bye to any of our friends or get to know new members of the group. We just get to keep getting to know each other better. I'm so stoked for another week with girls like Grace that already mean so much to me.

CILT nation is full of so much love, enthusiasm, heart, hilarity, back scratches, dance moves, deep talks and late nights.

We're starting a whole new week of loving kids in our adopted cabins, this time with a whole new age group.

A whole new week of living life together and having adventures with these friends that will hopefully be part of our lives for years to come.

A whole new week of Daily Ellyn and Sarah Pics.

In the midst of whirlpool, shamu and feet checks today I had everyone make human fountains. It was entertaining.

Ellyn has been really good at making friends lately. On a night off last week she became best friends with Sam, Chris, Chris, Ryan and Todd. She and Jack McGee have hit off. And she's now best friends with Patrick the CILT. Ellyn also got her own Man Hike Shield necklace so she's officially one of the guys now.

This afternoon we picked the last four papers out of the CILT Jar. I can't believe it's empty. These weekly challenges have been one of my favorite things this summer and have helped us to be so much more creative, fun and on our toes with each group.

This week we're going to try to make all four of things happen as well as catching up on ones that didn't get finished in the past few weeks. We have a lot of fun to make happen.

In the Party Room this afternoon the CILTs planned their chapels, finished one on ones, colored their wooden name tags, played Fishbowl and Psychiatrist. They met their new cabins during dinner and then headed off to be with them the rest of the night.

It's Olympic week in River Village and each cabin duplex is representing a country. Since the CILTs will participate with their cabin Team CILT doesn't officially get to play but we still decided to show up as Kenya for opening campfire. The girls were the Kenyan Sprint Team and Alex was a photographer on a safari.

It's so strange that this is our last week working all together like this. Of course we'll still see each other the rest of the summer but I'll miss being Team CILT together. This crew has been such a blessing to work with for these six weeks.

Emily was a kangaroo for Australia, I love this girl. I'm SO excited that Hadley is here for her first week EVER at Tecumseh. She's the younger sister of one of my YL girls and students and I hope she falls in love with camp this week. Hadley is so fun and I can't wait to play with her a lot.

All of the countries arrived at the Wright Way to process into the opening ceremonies together.

The coordinators lit the Olympic Flame once everyone was assembled.

Each country got to bring up their flag which was hung on the leader board. As gold medals are won and scores are tallied, the countries will switch places on this Olympic post.

I'm so thrilled that Emily is back to work resident camp this week. She's one of the best counselors this place has ever seen and her kids are so lucky to be in her cabin.

Alexandra and Caroline have never been my official campers but because of hip hop and just playing around camp have always been two of the girls I'm so excited to see each summer. I'm so glad they're finally here.

Liz Koch's birthday is tomorrow night and we're already pumped. Alex took off his backpack at closing campfire to discover that he had reached Level 2 of sweat. Disgusting and so impressive.

When the CILTs came back from the I'm 3rd devotion we met in the Party Room. Tonight we got to watch our home movies from the past week together and then watch the Nooma video Kickball together for devotions.

Checking off the first CILT Jar Challenge of the week, each cabin had a sleepover together by putting all our mattresses on the floor. They all fit together like a puzzle and even though we weren't that far from our bunks it was still fun to do something different tonight.

I read my girls the Puppies chapter of Cold Tangerines, my favorite chapter in the world, and then I fell asleep, "like a puppy in a box with all of her puppy-friends, right up close to them feeling warm and safe."

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  1. I'm reading Cold Tangerines now! So far, I love it!!