Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Good thinking if you were on worldshardestpuzzles.com"

I love seeing LV kids at all camp chapel on Tuesdays. I'm glad that Devon is still here and that Caroline came this week. I told them they should be friends and they started talking as they walked out of chapel. I love that about camp-- you're ready to make friends any where at any time.

Session 2 kids finished their flag just in time for their Day Camp shadow day. They've got lots of team pride.

Lilly sneakily tucked this letter under my breakfast plate while I was up getting yogurt. She's so tricky and makes everything fun. I opened up the envelope to find this poem. Too precious.

I passed Ellyn on the way to DC and we got to have a chat with a little girl named Megan who is here from England. Candid daily Ellyn and Sarah picture.

I love Day Camp shadow days. I get to see the CILTs jump into action with something new. It's my chance to see previous campers shining as counselors of their own trail groups.

There is so much hand holding in day camp. And piggy back rides. And smiles and hugs. And screaming and singing.

We passed Country Line Dancing clinic and I got to see Sophie being a fountain and my new friend Megan from England.

We did a little dance with them and sang a little Taylor Swift before moving on. I'd love to get to be with this group everyday.

While passing Skywalkers we found this spider on Something Big. Can you classify it Sophie?

At the Richard G we found the Explorer and Voyager Day Camp groups playing hard despite the cold.

We were so proud of these CILTs for getting in the freezing water because they were totally making the day of these kids by spending time with them.

The CILT counselors got to overlap for a little bit with Mags and Nart before the guarded for kayaking and canoeing clinics. I love that we're all camp but I really wish we got to see them more often.

Counselors like Marisa were hugging kids and wrapping them up like burritos so they could get warm faster after getting done swimming. She even gave up her towel to one of her girls that forgot hers. Kayla patiently sprayed the sand off everyone's feet for them before going and getting her own towel.

The CILT counselor life is magical, mysterious, awesome and sneaky at the same time. We often join in with the groups, but sometimes we've got to just watch from a distance to see how they'll act without realizing we're watching them.

I don't know if there is anything cuter than seeing counselors and CILTs with these day campers.

Or sometimes it's really cute seeing them climb all over Tom too.

I found Lele, one of Arielle's favorite Day Campers and res campers.

We played some freeze tag in main field with kids until we headed to the CAC for chapel wrap-up. More hugging, more piggy back rides and more hand holding.

At the end of the day the CILTy CILTs were exhausted but so happy with their day. Sally kept telling me it was the best day of her whole life.

Tuesday night of week two means RFAJWD.

And that's all I'm going to say about that...

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