Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Not to sound hipster or anything, but no one has ever heard of the bands I like."

Smooncat and I slept in and then set up at camp at a table in Einstein to knock out a couple PLs. This summer I've traveled less on weekends than ever before but I'm also way less stressed about finishing PLs and more relaxed before the next week. I also get to spend lots of extra time with Sar which I love.

Now that CILTs is over the Longhouse has gotten all mixed up. Hopi and Choctaw are both Warrior girl cabins. Ellyn and I are now partners in Choctaw and Kat Notestine is our Day Camp. Jamie and Smooney are partners in Hopi and Irene still lives with them. Alex Allison and a counselor named Scott moved into Abnaki with their Blazer boys. 

Once we got all of our girls we headed to swim checks. Ellyn and I jumped in the pool and swam their swim check right beside them. Go big or go home right?

Not going to lie, I was pretty jealous of Arielle and Ellyn being partners at the end of last summer. I was with Arielle the year before that and now it's my turn to be with Ellyn. I know it's going to be a good week.

We headed up to Lake Village for clinic raps and then our first dinner together. It's strange and great and weird and fun to be up in this part of camp. I was a counselor here for three summers in a row but have been down in the Riv for the last six. We're going to embrace the best of both worlds this week.

I'm excited about this cabin of funny, creative, quirky, talkative and hilarious girls.

It's so weird and fun to go back to just having one resident partner and a Day Camp counselor to work with after being Team CILT the past six weeks.

And we're WARRIORS now! The last time I was a Warrior was my first week on resident staff in 2006 so it's been awhile. But these kids are the same age as my students so I'm kind of back in my element. I'm excited to do the Warrior cheer and search for the Golden W this week.

We still live in the River though so we dressed up with all the other riv kids as WOMEN OF THE RIVER. This has become an annual tradition and we're really good at smearing dirt on our faces and putting sticks and leaves in our hair.

Our girls all got into it and were ready for campfire.

Children of the RIVERRRR!!!!

Counselors of the RIVERRR!!!!

Izzy is back this week! She was with Jamie and I for weeks 8 and 9 last summer. I love Kellie and Annie and I hate that I won't get to see them all the time this week. I'll have to soak up every opportunity to see them.

I'm so excited to hang out with Tess, Maddie and our other girls this week. It's such a switch from what I've been doing but I know that we'll have so much fun together. This is what they've been waiting for all year and we're going to make it awesome.

We sang loud at opening campfire together, hung out in the cabin, talked about the I'm Third motto in devotions and read Cold Tangerines as they fell asleep. Did you know they were asleep by 11:00? Pretty incredible considering the CILTs usually go to bed at 12:30 or later every night.

The CILTs might have moved out but reminders of them are still everywhere. Max is sitting on my bed looking so cute, we've got care packages from them piled by the water fountain, the CILT GIRLS banner is still on the porch, their "A leader is someone who..." signs are still in the party room, I've got notes from CILT girls in my clipboard and this poem from Kate is still taped on the Love Tank wall. I'm so thankful that the CILTs are not easily forgettable.

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