Monday, July 15, 2013

"I just ate 21 wings and now I've got 21 red hots in my mouth."

We ate breakfast tied together with a partner this morning, another CILT Jar Challenge.

It was pretty entertaining to watch everyone going to get cereal together, to get yogurt together, to fill water bottles together, to go to the bathroom together.

It was interesting talking about how even though this was a little convenient it would be harder to all be tied together or to not be able to use our hands at all.

Today for the first time in TWO YEARS the CILTs went on a float trip. Last year the river was too high, the first two sessions the river was too low. Today it was perfect.

Our buddy Kyle drove us all out to the dam on the bus and we had canoes delivered by Tom and Joel.

Kyle kinda wishes he were a CILT counselor.

Jackie finally broke out her oven mitt to wear on the float trip so that she wouldn't get it all wet and gross inside just in case. 

Some of the girls had an adventure in the woods using the natural facilities and were pretty proud of themselves.

I always love a great CILT adventure.

This route was going to take us extra far on the Tippecanoe River before even getting to the normal put in spot. We were just barely down the river when we realized our last few canoes needed paddles and we couldn't leave yet.

We all pulled our canoes up to a dock and held on to each other so we wouldn't get too far apart.

It was a gorgeous day-- hot, humid and sunny. I shared my canoe with Maureen and Gianna and had great conversations with them the whole way. I love getting to ask questions and tell stories and learn more about them.

A few hours later we still weren't back and lunch time was quickly creeping up on us. We made a quick decision to dock our canoes at camp's regular launch spot and walk back to River Village for lunch.

We all made it ashore quickly and back to the Main Lodge just in time for lunch.

Everyone was wiped by the time we got to rest hour. Chach even fell asleep with her backpack still on. What a champ.

Pop stop is one of my favorite times of the day. It's such a party with everyone walking by and hanging out. William, Emily and I got to take an old kids picture. I sat with Annie and her girls for awhile on the steps and she taught them how to play the pop stop challenge game.

When we're really lucky we get to see LV counselors like Emily, Bri and Tbyrd at pop stop.

Smooney, Natalie, Libby and I hiked all over the Oak Forest looking for the girls' cabin. We never ended up finding them but had a great time talking about CILTs and Day Camp and stomach troubles as we searched for Chickasaw.

We went out for Liz Koch's birthday dinner tonight. Our camp friends filled up Scotty's patio and Liz filled up on their chicken wings. I had jokingly suggested matching outfits for the occasion but Liz loved the idea so the six of us wore white tops and bright shorts just for her. I'm so thankful for her friendship, constant joy, positivity and huge heart.

The CILT girls were as loud as ever in the Longhouse when we got back home. I love coming back to this place and instantly being caught up in all the fun and craziness of the CILT life. We did the question devotion with the CILT boys for the last thing of the day.

Just as I was lying down to read the girls a story they asked me to tell them a real one from my life. I got to talk to them all about my first group of Puppies, girls that I got to have twice as Pathfinders and then as CILTs. I told them about why I loved them so much and the funny and special and deep memories from their CILT session.

I told them about how being a CILT counselor has made me so rich in life and I don't take a single summer or session or day for granted with all of them. This is one of the things I think God made me to do and I feel so filled with joy and purpose when I'm here.

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