Thursday, July 25, 2013

"I don't care about skipping lunch, I need my rest hour."

We're doing Secret Santas in Lake Village this week with all the counselors. This week we're playing the free version-- so you can only give notes and things you find or make. Today I made this coaster thing for mine and had one of the friendship bracelet clinic boys write the note.

I love getting to play with Ellyn during second clinic everyday. She very smartly planned for us to both wear FBC sweatshirts today. FBC also stands for Friendship Bracelet Clinic. Daily Sarah and Ellyn pic:

Maddie wanted to wear one of my hats today, I think she wears it well. I've loved hanging out with her all week and getting to know her better.

At the end of the lunch today they announced the winner of the Golden Toilet Seat... CHOCTAW! Our cabin flipped out and ran up to the stage screaming. I don't know if I've ever had a cabin win so many things in one week.

I didn't have to be a watcher during pool time today so I played with Maggie the whole time on the boards, the rope and shallow ends. We played with both her girls and mine, visited with lots of fun people and laughed lots. I love Mags and am so thankful I got to play with her so much more this week.

Our last activity of the afternoon was the River Village zip line. It was so fun for the girls to do this brand new thing at camp as they flew across Main Field. I got to hang out with Alicia as we unhooked girls from harnesses and it was so fun to get to talk to her.

Before I left on my night off I found two care packages up in Lake Village. I knew one was coming from Katlyn and Chachi and was SO EXCITED TO OPEN IT. The best part was THE HAT. I was obsessed with it the whole time Kat was a CILT and she let me wear it the last few days. In the letter she said that she realized that we should share it because she knew how much I loved it and it reminded her of me now. She sent the monkey for Ellyn so he can be friends with Max, a picture of the real Max for Maxy, all my favorite candy, letters, and a burnt CD of songs and reasons why they're there. It was all just so thoughtful and so special.

Then we opened up an awesome care package from Kate for all the girl counselors. We all got notes, candy, another CD, and a funny list of things CILTs say. Kate is so thoughtful and precious, we miss her a ton.

I got to go to dinner with Maddie Bien, Maggie, Liz, James Black and other really fun LV counselors at Applebee's. These people are hilarious and I love spending time with them. We went back for the drive in movie in the Lang's yard with more counselors after it got dark. It was a great night with friends.

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