Saturday, July 6, 2013

"That's why people like me too-- because I'm so pretty and sporty."

The CILT counselors were in chapel this morning. We did a new skit about taking camp home with you and applying what we've learned here to our lives. It was fun to make up these scenes of a bully, praying before dinner, working on a science fair project and playing on a soccer team. Smooney did an awesome job with the wrap up and telling us about how she took camp to school with her last year. We got to sing One Thing Remains and We Won't Be Shaken at the end-- two of my favorite songs of the summer.

All the CILTs stick around at the end of chapel and just keep singing before we go on to our next adventure. Today they spent the morning in the Party Room writing their graduation song to Hey There Delilah and then making their graduation hats.

We recorded our song in time to go outside and play before lunch. We had a quick CILT girl photo shoot since it was the last day too.

The Brova boys were jealous so they walked around in a group hug formation for awhile. They were too busy hugging to let me take a real group picture.

Becca, Taylor and Mackenzie each have such genuine and sweet hearts. I love being around them and soaking up some of their positivity. I will miss them.

Oh goodness I love the CILT life and weird faces and camp friends and having Finney baby here.

Hannah is so bad at the double tap game that she now holds her cup the entire meal... Except for when she forgot to double tap when she had to get up to go refill something.

The giant CILT picnic on our last Friday together is one of my favorite traditions.

We did our cheer in Riverview for the last time and shook the room with our stomping and enthusiasm.

Tonight's dinner theme was American Pride. I've worn only red, white and blue all week long so I just stuck with my fav 'Merican clothes for dinner. The Longhouse girls are looking pretty patriotic.

I've heard multiple people comment this week about how this summer's staff is incredible. I agree that there is such a unity amongst the staff, incredible enthusiasm and love for these kids. I'm lucky to get to work with these people.

Singing on our chairs at dinner is the best. The Party Room becomes the dance floor for all of River Village and kids are constantly running in and out.

I'm glad little Sarah will still be here for the next two weeks but I'm really going to miss Anna, Cameron and Molly.

Do you know Becky? The one in the beard? She's a rockstar. The CILT counselors all love this kid.

Ellyn and Alex have become best friends this summer and I love how their goofiness plays off of each other. I'm so glad that Chrissy and Lesem returned this summer and that Bailey is now part of this staff.

During trading post we sat in circles, cheered on the soccer players, ate chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches and watched the drama and show choir performances.

Then we all headed back to the Longhouse porch to practice their graduation song one more time before closing campfire.

There were two staff from a different camp visiting here for a couple days to watch how we do things. I told them to get excited for closing campfire and they both laughed and said, "That's what everyone has told us." Friday night's show is one of our strengths-- spirit, enthusiasm, encouragement, loving the kids, faith and creativity all rolled into one.

I love Meghan's heart and love for camp...

Erin O'Awesome's joy and zeal for her campers, how Ava baby is so precious and gives the best hugs...

Maeve's positivity and Olivia's spunk...

Arapaho did a special little Jesus tribute rap thing at the very beginning of campfire.

Did I mention I love this team enough yet? I don't want working with them to end.

Smooney and I just love Lizzy so much. Thankfully she sat right across the aisle from us tonight and kept us laughing.

The CILTs got to scream their cheer one last time.

Mags and Ellyn got to be cheerleader partners during the YMCA of awards. Who wouldn't want to be on their side?

The CILTs got their graduation certificates and then sang their song to all of camp.

Hey There Delilah- Session 2 2013

Hey there Tecumseh
Wow, we’re really gonna miss you
We are many miles away but CILTs
We have so many memories
Yes we do

Our stars can’t shine as bright as you
We swear it’s true

Hey there Camp T
In a few weeks you’ll be empty
Oh shoot dang we had some fun
And built a solid foundation

Oh yes we did
Leading devotions was so sweet
And hard to beat

Oh CILTs has changed me
Oh thank you Camp T
Why do we have to leave
Give us one more week

Hey there CILT counselors
Thank you for the midnight donuts
Just believe me guys some day
We’ll use the lessons that we’ve learned

We’ve had it good
We didn’t sleep the way we should
God’s word is good

Hey there Jen-ay-nay
We’re sorry you could not stay
Our family will be forty-one
Even after camp is done

We love you all
Even more in love with camp we’ll fall
We’ve done it all

Oh CILTs has changed me
Oh thank you Camp T
Why do we have to leave

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But we’ve got planes and trains and cars
We’d walk to camp if we had no other way
Our friends will all make fun of us
And we’ll just laugh along because
We know that none of them have felt this way
Tecumseh we can promise you
That by the time two weeks gets through
Our worlds will never, ever be the same
And camps to blame

Hey adopted campers
You be good and don’t you miss us
A few more years and you’ll be done with camp
And enjoy it while you can

Like we did
You’ll know it’s all because of you
We’ll never forget Session 2
Hey there Tecumseh here’s to you
This one’s for you

Oh CILTs has changed me
Oh thank you Camp T
Why do we have to leave?
Give us one more week 

Country line dancing clinic was so fun. It's was Sophie's premier on stage and the girls even got to be fountains during their routine and spit out water.

River hip-hop was so much fun and all the kids were beaming up there. I love how the audience shouts out their names and screams every time they do something cool.

Lake Village hip hop was really neat this week. The song was about saving lives so they had all of these little life-saving people scenarios set up. Totally appreciate their creativity. 

This is one of my favorite scenes during the week of camp. The rainbow of unit shirts, cabins of friends that were strangers a week ago, the first sounds of campers crying because they don't want to go home and the everyone singing the words of Tecumseh. This is the good life.

Our closing CILT devotion was in the CAC tonight. With all 46 of us there it lasts a long time because there are so many different parts but it's always personal and special. I love hearing what they'll be taking with them, why they love each other and what they want to work on this next year. We walked back across Main Field after midnight with the stars shining bright above us. I gave the girls one last round of goodnight hugs and read them one more bed time story before they fell asleep. Tomorrow always comes too fast.

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