Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"I also have a measuring tape, a calculator, multimeter, voltometer and ohmimeter."

Did you know that everyone loves Maggie? It's true. I don't know a person that's not a fan of her. She is so good at loving people intentionally, making everything fun, including others and just being there.

Today the CILTs tried something new. Mixing things up Session 3 ya know.

Instead of teaching mini-clinics we went to the teams course in the Oak Forest. They stuck with just a group of four all morning and rotated through four different activities.

They balanced the Whale Watch with Jamie, traversed their way through the lava field with Alex, went through the spider web with Smooney and tried to get the ball through the box with me.

It was fun to get to see these kids interacting in small groups and meshing as a team. Their personalities are coming out more and I'm so excited about them.

I'd never facilitated my element before. Half of the group was blind folded and holding onto the white sticks. The other half of the team could see and peak through the holes to give instructions to the stick holders. The goal was to lift the volleyball with the sticks all the way up to the top of the box so it could roll out.

I got this group to lift me up on top of the box so I could have a bird's eye view of the action.

We always think our team building activities are super beneficial and that this would be such a good way for the CILTs to get to know a small group really well.

One of my favorite moments was when Patrick's team numbered the sides of the box. Patrick whipped out some post-it notes and labeled each side to make it easier for his team.

All 44 of us circled up to debrief the morning and I was so excited by what they had to say. These kids are smart and great at making observations and articulating their thoughts well.

We made it back to the Riv in time to set the tables for everyone and play with kids. I found Sar right away.

Molly and Molly have become best friends because of their matching names and personalities. I loved seeing ChaChi with one of her girls as they watched jump roping.

Becca is consistently on it with her kids--giving them so much love and attention. Annie loves all of her girls so well and makes each of them feel so special.

I get so excited to see Sar and Lizzy during the day-- back in Indy we hang out weekly and they're such a big part of my heart. Little Erwin is here this week and she's so fun.

Today the Blazers brought back the old Blazer cheer that Krafty made up years ago, "See these ice cubes, see these ice creams, you're just jealous."

Then as we left lunch I remembered our old CILT girl tradition of serenading River Village from the porch as they walk back for rest hour. I got the girls to sprint back and start singing right away. Yep, they're going to be so good at this.


Then I opened it all up and got even more pumped. There was a letter from Amanda Miller is Session 1 that made me so happy, a list of 100 things Ava Baby loves, a heart to heart kind of letter from Emily Westcott, an email from my fav Ellie Pearl and a letter from the Camp T famous Julia Plant.

Since I was all done with PLs I actually got to sleep during rest hour today. I was just falling asleep when Katlyn and Emily pounced on me. When I tried to get up they just told me to lie back down because it was rest hour and we needed to be sleeping. I love them.

We woke up in time for pool time with all our Pathfinder and Brave friends. Smoon found her best friend Olivia from clay clinic last summer and I found Mags too.

I got to play with Lucy and Abby the whole time which was pretty awesome. Basically we just talked the whole time, went off the high dive once and stood in the shallow end for awhile. 

I love seeing the CILTs with kids in the pool having fun.

One of the things I'm not good at at Camp Tecumseh: Water Polo.

Want to know one of the things I love about Day Camp? When they get pop stop they also get ice-cream and candy. Go big or go home right?

Today I went to hang out with Catawba cabin as they made friendship bracelets in the Nature Center. Emily is so precious with her campers. I was happy to get to hang out with her, Molly and Becca.

Shoshone came to make friendship bracelets with the Catawba girls but we hid from them when they walked in and then surprise attacked them. They never saw it coming. Hanging out in there with all those really fun kids and counselors was easily one of my favorite parts of the day. I think I maybe just like all parts of the camp day.

Tonight after dinner and an obligatory Wal-Mart run we went on an adventure that was all Shawn's idea. It was a grand shenanigan and we maybe saw some alien life.

As a CILT counselor I just always want to come back at night to come hang out with my kids because they're all so fun. Tonight Mags and Annie came with me because they know so many of the girls. We laughed a lot, Mags and Katlyn nuggeted my backpack, Annie read Raiona's mind, we ate all of their snacks, ran from cabin to cabin and all gathered together in such a party. Can CILTs please never end?

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