Friday, July 26, 2013

"I can't believe she's an English teacher."

During flagpole this morning Alex, JZ, Smooney and I filmed the video for the CILTs of Session 3. This is the only time we're in the same place during the day so we had to get it done. It's crazy to think that all of those kids were here just a week ago. I miss them so much.

Ellyn and I brought Maxy and Charlie along this morning. They wanted to take some pictures on the way to Deep Woods chapel. They're just so photogenic.

I stood between Hannah and Emma at chapel this morning and as we sang the songs and watched the skit I thought a little about what this is like for them. I get so used to seeing this all summer long for year after year. But for them, this is so special and different than anything else they experience. Watching these counselors share about their faith and sing these songs about God is such a testimony. This is absolutely one of the most meaningful things we do all day long.

River collar. Gold Swagger.

Maxy and Charlie are living the Golden Dream.

Maxy got to finally meet Maggie and Barb. He's heard so much about Mags from Katlyn and I that he was beyond pumped to see her in person. Ellyn and I played the new CDs during FBC and danced down the table as we helped kids with their bracelets.

Camp is just SO fun. Diet Coke and Maxy. Helping Owen Hall with his bracelet. Convincing Hannah to keep working on hers. Ellyn and Jordyn Jordan.

We get to hang out with so many fun kids all the time here. Tecumseh kids are the best. Choctaw and Hopi girls and other friends we've gotten to know this week.

Hip hop practiced our dance all clinic long today. Our goal was to do it 15 times. After 5 times though we started doing the dance to different songs to keep things interesting. Fast to Stuck Like Glue and You Make My Dreams Come True and a little slower to Never Getting Back Together and Crazy. Hip hop clinic is just so fun, only at camp do I get to do something like this.

Maxy over saw our rehearsal with his friend the Teton gnome... Camp is really into the personification of  inanimate objects this summer.

I love Smooncat and being such great friends this summer. It was so fun for her to be back up in the LV this week where she has been the past two summers. During PL time this afternoon we got to hang out and talk back through all three CILT sessions--it's been a good summer. I got to see buddy ol pal Molly for a little bit this afternoon. She and I will both be gone from Tecumseh next week which is so weird but I'm glad we synchronized our week away.

Choctaw competed in the Warrior Dutch Auction this afternoon. They filled Ally's sleeping bag with an incredible amount of stuff in hopes of picking all the right stuff. We had fun but also realized the Dutch Auction is not one of our strengths.

We celebrated Christmas In July for the theme dinner tonight. So many jingle bells, Santa hats and red and green.

I've loved playing with Olivia and Kaya this week up in the LV. Smooney and I borrowed the Teton gnome and Barb from Shoshone to babysit for just a little while.

Longhouse ladies in the LV-- holla. It's been quite the run with these three. So thankful for them and the part they've played in my life this summer.

I've had so much fun with Mags, Alicia and Lizzy this week. It really has been the best of both worlds as a River Warrior.

We all got bussed back down to the Riv while the RV trading post was still going on. The Longhouse girls have been so much fun together this week.

I got back in time to see Riv friends like Sar, Amanda and Jackie.

I get to work with so many incredible people. The counselors are totally the thing that make Tecumseh so great and one of the biggest reasons that kids come back year after year. I'm so lucky to be on staff with these people this summer.

So many alumni came back to visit tonight. Shelby and Kata showed up on the Longhouse porch and I couldn't be more excited to see them. They have both been such a huge part of my history here and it just makes sense for them to be around.

It has been such an adventure and so much fun being a Warrior counselor again. I'm so thankful for Stella, Tess, Danielle and Mazur. These girls have been hilarious and kind and wise and up for any adventure.

This whole cabin has been such a blast. Such a diverse collection of personalities that came together to make something really special. I love how camp works like that.

When we asked Ellyn to take a "hyper" picture she said, "Oh no, I can't do that. I can't pose in pictures. I just have to be natural."

This is Choctaw as natural as we can be.

So much Warrior Love.

I've loved getting to know Jenna Hans, seeing Fratopher tonight and being partners with Ellyn.

I love Maddie and Tess and getting to sit with them during campfire.

I love that Rachel and Alex got to be cheerleaders during the 4 year awards.

I love having Mel, Adam, Frat, Sam, Burke, Brady, Stacey, Katherine, Chris, Shelby, Kata, DeLong and McSoley all at campfire tonight. These people love camp just as much as anyone.

I LOVE performing hip hop at closing campfire. Our kids did a phenomenal job on stage. As we were doing the dance Tess leaned over to Ellyn and said, "I can't believe she's an English teacher."

The LV step clinic was the coolest thing I've seen all summer. First the kids came out representing each unit and did part of their cheer with a new step beat. Then all together they did a whole production of 1 camp all together.

Lesem and Maddie did a great job with the old Rudy J skit.

River Village show choir was so good tonight. I loved their routine and choreography.

We went back to Choctaw to do our final devotion together. This was our first and only devotion with all 13 of us in the circle. We all shared our favorite part of the week, talked about why the person beside us was special and chose a quality from the Sagamore Creed to work on in the next year. All the Longhouse counselors got to have porch time together telling stories and writing PLs and eating snacks and staying up way too late. It's been such a good week.

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