Monday, July 8, 2013

This camp starts to rock, the emotions just won't stop

Chapel felt packed this morning even though it was just River Village. After losing so many cabins to Lake last week it's great to have all our friends in the OT and Seneca back. Today was a very special chapel.

For the first time this summer we got to watch Kalepo. Kalepo the monkey, he likes to steal bannanas. By stealing from others, he makes himself so ugly. Instead of the traditional wrap-up Will talked about living in community with people and how important it is to depend on each other as we climb this mountain to our goals. And as we climb together God is the one at the top with the rope pulling us up to him.

The CILT Jar of Challenges is starting to get empty. With only two slips of each color left to choose between, we picked out this weeks tasks.

The CILT Jar is easily one of the greatest things we've added to the program this summer. It keeps us on our toes so we can mix things up and keep it interesting for each session. I'm excited to make things happen for week 5.

This morning we colored our life maps and shared our stories with each other.

I'm so glad Smooney added this to our first day so we can immediately get to know each other in such a real and intentional way.

Daily Ellyn and Sarah pic. Riley, Alex and Nick smiling like me pic.

Annie Fazz is so pumped about having Katie, the one in stripes, here this week. She was in her Day Camp trail group two summers ago and they've just loved each other since then. They've each made such a difference in each other's lives. This is Katie's first summer in resident camp and I know she'll love it.

I love getting to know these CILT girls and becoming real life friends with them. Emily and Grace were two girls that I knew of but couldn't wait to really know better. In just 24 I already feel like we're closer.

Alli Kenney got a letter from Lilly Fair today and she wrote, "I have been home for about two days and the change from camp to home is so hard. The real world is like climbing a tree. Either you stay at the bottom not having as much fun. Or you climb to the top, maybe getting laughed at or not even making it all the way up. But camp is a harness that holds you up and cheers you on." She's wise.

Scarlet has arrived! Her sister Arden is her up in Lake Village too. We love the Friend family around here even more than Coll and Alli love Diet Coke.

The new CILTs were christened with a giant round of flies on us. We showed them how to respond with their loudest, "PARTY ROOM! PARTY ROOM! PARTY ROOM!" until everyone left.

We had to go take our CILT picture before rest hour. After spending just 24 hours together we know that we like each other a lot but this session still has so much to go through as they grow closer.

They're still kind of strangers in these pictures but by the time this whole thing is over this will be a picture of their best friends and second family.

I've never been Kerri's counselor before but had her older sister and have seen her for a few summers. I'm excited to really get to know her and her heart in these two weeks. I love that Ellyn and Raiona are friends and that they both add their own special spunk to this group. I love this girl Katlyn so much and seeing her get so excited about her campers and CILT stuff.

This afternoon the CILT counselors made a special video to all the kids of Session 2. We went back to one of their most memorable spots, told them why we miss them and gave them a musical tribute.

We had a British dinner in Illinois cabin tonight. We spoke in accents, kept our pinkies up and sang songs from Annie. Eating dinner with different cabins is always entertaining. I love that Trading Post time is such a free for all of fun and craziness. We've got CILTs blowing bubbles for kids that are trying to eat them.

There are little Brave girls giving massages, games of mafia, new jellyfish yo-yos coming to life and dripping chocolate chip cookie sandwiches.

Pima and friends were running around doing shenanigans together like a large group fall in the main field or circling counselors and getting them to do weird stuff. Props to their creative counseling.

I'm loving seeing Annie play with Katie this week like in this game of Monkey In The Middle.

All the CILTs came back early so we could come up with their new cheer. We brainstormed a bunch of ideas before narrowing it down to the ones we would actually use. In a couple different groups we changed the words and then put it all together.

(I Saw the Sign)
We saw the sign, as we drove up in our rides
And we are happy now in the Longhouse, with Smooney, Sar and JZ

We saw the sign, as we drove up in our rides
Finally out the Yurt in the Brova, with Alex and his bunny

We all saw the sign, and we're having a great time
We saw the sign

Nice CILT kids who like to the lead the way, and once a session we have our DAY CAMP DAY!

(Dirty Pop)
So excited hearing all these campers talk about
What's the deal with this CILT life and when we gonna find out?
The thing you've got to realize, Pathfinders not the end
We've got the gift of leadership we'll teach to all our friends

Have you seen our cool green hats or the brown shirts on our backs
We've got bacpacks, nametags and watches on our wrists
We've got 2 weeks, 40 CILTs, 2 cabins to assist
All that matters is we put God first and we take him with us all the time

Do you ever wonder why, the CILT life is so fly
We'll take you on a ride, down the black hole
The camp starts to rock, and the emotions just won't stop
Two weeks is all we've got, this must be CILTs


Back in the Longhouse tonight I got to sit in a circle with girls, write Top 10 lists, eat so much food and just laugh together. I love their dynamic how they invite one another to join in. I like hanging out with them so much I didn't want us to go to bed. Thank goodness this was only the first full day.

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