Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Wait, you still have to kiss him 4 times too or he'll get confused and be like, wait did she die?"

The CILTs are very excited about their new wooden name tags. Once we find a drill they'll actually be able to wear them too which will be cool.

Today was (CILT Jar Challenge) Neon Day for the CILTs. I try to wear neon as much as possible anyways so it was extra great having everyone else wear it too. Chrissy just happened to match too-- she's really good at bright colors.

Today was our last day to shadow Day Camp this summer. Smooney found her friend Bella for the third time in a row.

I love watching the CILTs jump right in even when they're nervous at first. I got to see friends like Maeve who I admire so much.

I made friends with this little girl Claire and we made up a secret handshake right away.

Abby Bien and Whitney are doing big things this week with a girl named Caroline in their trail group. Soph is back in her element at Day Camp and balancing water on her head. Jackie so naturally loves kids and after years of being a camper knows just what to do.

 I got to witness the Cake Head unit game with four trail groups this morning. The kids used their hands to make a bowl around their counselor or CILTs head. Then they added water, cake mix, an egg and icing to make the cake extra delicious. Grace, Katie, Haley and Chachi were all champs and so positive as they got covered in the chocolatey batter.

I'm pretty sure they were having the time of their lives as it all ran down their faces and started getting crusty in their hair.

Diggy and Amanda had a great time facilitating too and making sure the icing got everywhere.

Day Camp is just so fun. Kids are so fun. Playing all day is so fun. Water fights are so fun. Running around Ft. Disco is so fun. Being best friends is so fun.

I loved spotting Gianna cheering on all these little guys on the monkey bars. Maddie was so fun with this little girl on the horses.

Relationships are so important at Tecumseh. Whether it's swimming with kids in the shallow end, giving piggy back rides, playing together on the playground, talking during lunch or giving hugs fifty times we're all about making people feel special.

In just five hours the CILTs got to make friends and help these kids have such a fun day.

So proud of Hannah, Maeve, Emily, Grace and the rest of the CILTs.

And I got to play with my pal Lizzy Dale lots today. She's hilarious and has such a big part of my heart. I love here more than she knows and am so proud of how she's grown up. This girl will continue to do such big things in the lives of people around her.

Other Highs of the Day: our Tecumseh Spirit Jerseys came in today, I got a letter from the one and only Molly Brunner, I got to eat dinner with CILT counselors and see Madison pterodactyl her mashed potato snowman.

Tonight the CILTs had RFAJWD. The last one of the summer. It was surprising and highly entertaining. That's all I'm going to say about that.

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