Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"I like to do homework in my CILT hat and my hobbies include eating sushi for every meal, whistling out of my nose and cats."

Highs of the Day:
  1. Talking about the Wyld Life Club talk and faith with Maddy, Emma and Liz during dinner. It's sweet to be able to hear their perspective and ask them questions about how they want to grow.
  2. Going through all the CILT videos from this summer so I can start making the reunion movie. Oh my goodness it made me miss working with Ellyn, Alex, Smooney, Jamie Z and Finney baby. Some of the clips actually made me laugh out loud. Seeing all of the CILTs made me so excited for them to be back at camp in December.
  3. Kata and Arielle, two old camp counselors and friends, were comparing their Instagram likes with mine which isn't a fair comparison since I have CILTs and YL kids following me. But then I got a group of CILT girls to follow ckata3 (you can try to follow her too!) and like all of her pictures. Instant popularity-- she was thrilled.

Daily Odd Compliment is one of my favorite things on the interwebs...

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