Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Maybe I actually just want to be low-key famous."

Jamie Z posted this picture of her, Irene, Smooncat and I dressed up as Kid President for #tecumsehtuesday this morning. Do you see anything totally awesome?

KID PRESIDENT COMMENTED! Jamie had tagged him in the comment and he asked her to email him about the picture. Incredible. She emailed him back right away...

and then got this response. SO cool. The world is full of awesome people.

Only in Junior High: Today at lunch I watched two girls spit into the palms of their hands and then shake on an agreement. It was equally disgusting and awesome.

I finally remembered to bring back #awesometuesday in English Comp. We played a partner game today that tested our powers of observation. It only took a couple minutes but was sweet to do something out of the ordinary.

I forgot to tell you yesterday-- my 6th period class won the library fundraiser! We will be enjoying our all-you-can-eat cupcake and ice-cream party in early December and the library will be enjoying many new books.

Tonight I got to take Emma and Kendall, two 8th grade Wyld Life girls, to a concert downtown. Being the chaperon to an Emblem 3 and Selena Gomez concert is a pretty sweet deal. I've known these girls for years and it was awesome to get to have this adventure with them tonight.

Emblem 3 is a group of three guys, one of the new boy bands inducing high pitched screams from crowds of teenage girls. They're most well known for their song Chloe but their whole set was really fun.

Everywhere we turned tonight we spotted people that we know. I think half of the girls from our Junior High might have been in attendance. 7th grade girls Sophie and Claire sat down in the seats directly behind us. One of my 6th period girls was four rows up from me. Two HSE sophomores were to my right and another pair were across the aisle on my left. We saw Linnea and Kaylee in the suite above our section and went out to the hallway to see Saba and Milly. 7th graders Sydney and Amanda walked by to see the group behind us. We spotted freshmen Olivia and Sabrina down on the floor. Sophomores Ellie, Hannah and Kali were all up in the balcony. It was an HSE party in Banker's Life tonight.

There aren't too many places you can go without running into a camp friend and sure enough I saw Quinn out in the hallway. She had just seen our friend Emma Flynn in a different section of the stadium too.

At 8:45 the lights dimmed and the music turned up as Selena Gomez took the stage. Emma and Kendall were screaming, everyone in the room was screaming. "I LOVE CONCERTS!" Emma told us over and over again. It's hard not to with the light show, back up dancers, costume changes and seeing someone like Selena live and in person right there in front of you.

One of my favorite things was seeing the 8-year-old boy beside me belting out, "Who says, who says you're not perfect?"and copying Selena's hand motions during Come and Get It. His mom told me that he is planning on marrying Selena and that he didn't fall asleep till 4am last night because he was so excited for this concert.

Emma and Kendall knew the words to almost all of the songs but I was most excited for Who Says and Come and Get It. We belted out the words and danced in our row and it was so much fun.

We grabbed milkshakes on our way out of the city and got home just before 11:00. Today was a very awesome Tuesday.

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