Sunday, November 10, 2013

"My greatest fear in the world is getting kidnapped with my glasses on."

I slept like a rock after the lock out and didn't wake up till 2pm Saturday afternoon. Staying up all night and not waking up till the next day messes with your head, but I bounced back pretty fast today. 

Emily Dignan was in town for a soccer tournament so of course I had to go see her. Luckily I sat down on the sideline in a spot that she kept running past so I got to see all of her sweet moves. Diggy is such a rock star and we got to talk for a little bit after her game.

I was walking to my car in the parking lot when I got a phone call from Sophie Millsaps, "You live in Fishers right?! I'm at your mall right now!!!!" She and Kathryn had been on a choir field trip all day and their bus stopped at HTC for dinner on the way home. I went straight there and got to hang out with them for almost an hour before they had to go home. Ugh, it was just such an awesome surprise.

Natty B and Sophie were CILTs together and Maddy Wilson worked DC with Kat last summer-- both girls showed up at Noodles too. We were shrieking and taking pictures and hugging and so happy to all be back together even if it was only for a little bit. Soph and Kat stayed till the last possible minute and then sprinted back to their bus.

Then I went back home to meet Hannah and Sophia to hang out. Hannah and I led together at Sharp Top this summer and we wanted to see our cabin tonight. Only Soph could make it, but our little trio had fun hanging out, getting dinner at El Rodeo and baking cookies. Soph has such a sweet heart and Hannah and I were so thankful we got to spend time with her.

Hannah and I decided to surprise KCraig and her family with a plate of gooey chocolate chip cookies. She was only a little freaked out when we rang her door bell, but invited us inside to hang out. We sat on the couch with KCraig and her daughter Alex, talking about Young Life and real life and sharing life. These women make me a better person.

This morning I decided to try out Northview at their Fishers campus which is conveniently located in my Junior High. The building was transformed--giant screens on stage, lights, drapes everywhere, classrooms turned into nurseries, signs in the hallways, a coffee area-- it didn't even look like my school anymore.

God doesn't tell us to do something, he tells us to be something. He wants us to emulate Christ. If my heart is right with God, then I'm going to do the right thing.
Jesus sent the disciples to be his witnesses. We're called to be witnesses where we live and around the world.

We come to church because it focuses us on Jesus. It makes us remember what we're supposed to do. We've got to meet together as often as possible. This fellowship means partnership. Let's be real and vulnerable, hold one another up when we're hurting. We can't do this alone.

As I was walking out of church I head, "Miss Wright!" from across the hall. Elise Ruby, a 7th grade girl in both of my bible studies, was there with her mom. I talked to them for a long time and they showed me all around the church.

I got to have a little Camp T road trip this afternoon. First I went to Purdue to meet Grace, Lizzy, Abby, Sophie and Kathryn for lunch. I love that visits like this are so easy-- some camp people live so far away from any other camp friends and I don't want to take this for granted. We sat outside on the patio just enjoying the afternoon.

At the end Katlyn and Emily showed up , they'd been with Kat's cousin who goes to Purdue. Soph, Emily, Kat and Abby were all CILTs this past summer and it was so fun to have them together for a little bit today. I can't wait for the reunion in December when we'll be together for 26 hours!

Kat and Emily were in town because of their Day Camp interviews at Tecumseh. They followed me out to camp so they wouldn't get lost and we got to see Rachel Davis (who had just interviewed), Jordan, Meg, Joy and the Meyaard family at the office. Camp is never really empty. We had a little bit of time to walk around camp together before the girls got started with Jordan.

Camp is beautiful in the Fall and this afternoon all the colored leaves seemed to be glowing a little bit extra. We visited the Longhouse and sat on our old bunks, toured Main Field and as we walked the girls freaked out a little bit about what questions Jordan would ask them.

I remember sitting in Lindsay Ball's office when I interviewed to be on Day Camp staff the very first time. I was a jumble of emotions--so excited and scared. I remember telling her about experiences from CILTs, the qualities of my favorite counselors and why I wanted to be on staff. Today these girls got to have similar conversations with Jordan. They've officially crossed over from camper to potential staff, a monumental step. As a CILT counselor, this time of year is so exciting for me too. I cross my fingers for all of my kids and try to wait patiently until January to find out who will be on staff. I have all the faith in the world in Jordan and know that he'll make excellent choices for next summer's Day Camp team.

I've missed being real life friends with Katlyn and Emily and am so glad we got to be together this afternoon. Emily and I got to visit the Party Room and Kat and I contemplated jumping into the Richard G. Marsh lake. These two mean the world to me and I'm so glad we got to sit and talk before we all drove back up the hill and out of camp. I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to see them.

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