Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Miracles can happen-- with just the right amount of praying and stalking."

When we found out that Taylor Fischl had one of the leading roles in her HS musical "13" we had to go watch her be a star. Kiley, Claire, Rebekah, Tay Hof and I grabbed dinner and then went to Geurin on Friday night. Check out her bio in the program-- it's just so her.

Taylor did a fantastic job. She was peppy and charismatic and had a new bow with every costume change. We met her in the hallway after the final number and she was shocked to see all of us there. We love surprises.

We rocked bows in honor of our friend tonight-- I don't think I've ever seen her without one. She has spent so much time in rehearsals and put her heart into this show. I'm glad we could all show up together.

Saturday morning I got to meet Amanda, Anna and Courtney for breakfast at the Pancake House and I loved their company even more than my blueberry pancakes.

These three are so kind and I love getting to see them so often this semester. Today we talked about the CILT reunion and memories from this summer and people we just can't wait to see. I love that seeing these girls helps camp keep going all year long.

 Saturday afternoon I got to meet with part of the Young Life leadership team for our monthly leader gathering. Jorge, Ryan, KCraig, Todd, Shawn, Alex, Molly and I all gathered around the table to share what's been going on, going over scheduling details and have a really cool conversation about how to build authentic community with our kids.

Saturday night I got to meet my friends Emily and Rachel for dinner at the Olive Garden, one of our favorite places. After stuffing ourselves we went back to Emily and Eric's house. Rather than watching a movie we ended up talking for a couple hours about being grown ups and raising kids one day. I'm thankful for friends like these that are so close that I know will always be there.

This morning I went to the NE campus of Common Ground again. It was a good day-- met a few really nice people, great music and an insightful sermon on joy. I love this quote from NT Wright.

I got to pick up Libby for lunch this afternoon. I'm so thankful for this girl and don't see her nearly often enough. Today we got to catch up and talk about life and write Top 10 lists. I gave her a Moleskine journal last Spring and now she loves list writing and quote recording too.

Tonight Julia came over to hang out and watch We Bought A Zoo. Julia reminds me so much of myself when I was her age and I'm thankful for all our time together. Tonight we started a November project of thankfulness. We're going to try to write down and collect our highs of the day all month long until Thanksgiving.

I hope you all had a great weekend of people you love and things that bring you joy.

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