Monday, November 4, 2013

"Now I call it my Party Alarm when it goes off at 2:14 and it reminds me to be awesome."

The bell rang at 7:25 am and kids sprinted down the halls of the Junior High to get to my classroom and turn in their form for the lockout. Only the first 90 kids signed up will get to come with us when we leave on buses Friday at 8pm for a night of adventure that will last till 6am. By 7:31 all 45 of my spots were taken. KCraig had another 45 spots to give away upstairs and still had a handful by the end of the day. The Wyld Life Lock Out is the buzz around school today and kids are already so excited.

Getting together with the Young Life family on Monday nights is one of the highlights of my week. Tonight I was in an extra hyper mood, and it just felt like everyone had so much energy.

After my friend Allison told me about a new game called Wink, I had to test it out with everyone tonight. The girls stand in an outer circle, the boys kneel in front of a girl on the inside circle. One girl is without a boy. She makes eye contact with they boys and winks at one of them. If you get winked at you have to run across the circle and kneel in front of that girl. If your boy starts running across the circle you have to tackle, yes tackle, him before he gets there. If the boy gets tackled he returns to his original spot and the first girl re-winks. If the boy makes it successfully, his old partner becomes the new winker.

I thought the game sounded fun but playing it was even more hilarious. Watching the boys run across, seeing the girls try to wink sneakily, full out tackles in the middle of the circle--it was awesome.

We had everyone text a friend that wasn't here tonight and send a selfie of Campaigners before putting their phone against the wall. Watching a whole room full of people taking selfies at once is pretty great.

We also had a "relaxation moment" tonight led by our yoga guru Kocher. It was difficult to not giggle when Brooke, Genna and Anne were all cracking up around me, but it was still pretty cool to try something like this before we started singing.

Todd was all about meditating and totally cracking KCraig and I up. DMont might have been a little weirded out by his yoga too.

I got to be in a small group with these Senior, Junior and Sophomore girls tonight--the older girls. I'm thankful for friendships and history with them and getting to come together like this. We talked about prayer and spending time with God today, making our faith about our relationship with Him.

There are so many things to look forward to this week-- hanging out with Brookie on Thursday, the Wyld Life lock out on Friday and a Sharp Top cabin reunion on Saturday.

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