Monday, November 18, 2013

"You know, you're supposed to tap the hood before you drive off because cats hide in your tires in the winter."

Being a part of the HSE Young Life family is one of the best parts of my life. These kids and leaders are my people and I always look forward to spending time with them. It's crazy to witness the ways that God has been working in the past year in our lives. We want to enter into a season where we challenge our kids to think about investing in this community and helping them build relationships out of their regular friend group.
This banner will stay up all month, inviting kids to answer one of these questions: What have you learned at YL? How has YL impacted you? Why do you keep coming back?
Already kids are writing some pretty awesome things.
So many of these kids are regulars attenders. They're involved and the leaders have friendships with them, but we're realizing that they don't all know one another. With a group this large we realize that's difficult, but we think it's worth trying to spur along.

As brothers and sisters, and the body of Christ, we know that we're so much stronger together. We can't do this on our own and we can handle so much more as a team.


When you have the chance to be partnered with amazing people like Brookie, KCraig and Colton how could you possibly turn that down?

It takes guts to walk in here the very first time, but I think there is something different about this community that makes kids keep coming back. We're not trying to sell anything to them. But hopefully we're showing them a new way of living that they want to be a part of.

Honesty. I love it.

This is a group of people that I'm proud to be part of. I love that we continue to grow and change together. We don't have the exact same people show up every week but we share so many of the same hopes for this space and time.


We wanted to do something tonight that would push everyone a little bit out of their comfort zone and help them meet some new people. Everyone was split into groups to come up with a short lip sync performance. Team Leader met in the closet to brainstorm with Ryan aka Straight No Chaser Super Star leading the way.

The performances were nothing short of amazing. Almost all of them featured one male lead singer with the rest of the group rocking as back up dancers.

It was so fun seeing a different side of some of these kids tonight. We laughed together and it was awesome.

The song selections were Dynmaite. Timeless classics like Don't Stop Believing, a little High School Music and a couple Michael Jackson.

Two groups had some strobe light action, excuse the blurry pictures.


We had a plot twist during HSM and got to see Brannt Farris's star quality shine through.

The leaders were equally ridiculous and enthusiastic as we belted out I Want It That Way.

Tonight we announced our Winter Weekend trip up at Timber Wolf Lake in MI at the end of Christmas Break. We get to take 49 kids with us this year and I know those spots will go fast. I'm already so excited to have this adventure with these kids. I have no doubt that it'll be a memorable one.

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