Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Today I almost started crying in Von Maur cause I lost my mom."

I love weekends when I can sleep in without an alarm. This Saturday I got to do exactly that and didn't have anything I had to do until mid-afternoon.
I met Allison in Broad Ripple for coffee after she finished Student Staff. Our coffee dates are one of my favorite things. I'm constantly learning and growing and thinking because of our conversations. This week she handed me an envelope of 12 friendship bracelet club sweatshirt orders. After she, Matt and Evan wore theirs last year everyone wanted one. I'm still collecting orders for another week and 90 people have already gotten one.

Saturday night KCraig allowed a ton of Young Life girls to invade her house. We ate pizza and grapes, tried to not look at our phones, played Cranium, watched the Duggar's, laughed a lot and just enjoyed being together. I love this part of the YL fam.

Tonight Julia's sister Lucy came which was perfect because she's about the same age as KCraig's daughter Alex. Pidgeon got to know these freshmen girls better. Kiki, Anne, Kaelyn, Genna, Alli Sams, Julia, Molly, Maddy and Ellie were all as crazy as ever. There is never a dull moment.

Sunday morning I picked up Abby Bien at Butler to get coffee before church at Common Ground. I'm thankful that she goes to school close and hope that these visits will happen more frequently. Abby just got placed as a Young Life leader at Brebeuf last week and I was so excited to talk to her about what that looks like a little bit about what she can expect. I've got so much faith in her and know that she will do an incredible job on that team.

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