Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Break Highlights

On Tuesday before we left school I showed Kid President's "20 Things We Should Say More Often" to all my class. During 6th period when he said, "let's dance!" seven girls jumped out of their seats and busted out their best moves.

I got to Holland just in time to watch Catching Fire with my parents, Katie and little Red. The second time was just as great and Red loved his first movie.

Wednesday morning Bethie and I went on a little date to Holland. We ended up getting to visit campus, go to chapel in Dimnent and I ran into Susan Haigh, Shima, Lindsey Bieri, Ellen and Dean Frost.

Mom and I baked our traditional challah bread in preparation for Thanksgiving. Holla at ya bread. 

Thanksgiving morning we ate breakfast with the boys, Kate and mom at McDonald's before church. Linc was all about his new football toy and dipping in ketchup.

I'd never been to a Thanksgiving service before but we all agreed it was pretty awesome. The music, the message-- great way to to focus on what's most important.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner and spent the afternoon at Nick's parents house with his whole side of the family. So many children, reading books, eating delicious food and being with friends.

This picture is too funny. I love Redford and making him laugh and just sitting with him. He's such a good, happy boy. He loves cats too.

I'm thankful that Linc is into break dancing these days. He's trying out for the next season of America's Got Talent.

Mom, Katie, Red and I drove down to the outlet mall Thursday night for black Friday shopping at JCrew. We love JCrew. We love 50% off sales too.

Friday morning I met my friend Casey Dawson at JPs, our favorite Holland coffee place. She was one of my very best friends at Hope and I'm thankful that we're still part of each other's lives. Casey is one of those people that I know I can always turn to and I'll always have her back too.

I'm thankful for playing with Linc and Red all day, watching my parents be such great grand parents.

We love that Linc is saying more words now and so curious about everything--lighting candles, cutting with scissors, sharing popcorn, looking at pictures, crawling under the Christmas tree.

Really thankful I get to be an aunt to the two cutest little guys you ever did see. Happy Thanksgiving!

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