Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Do you ever wish you could control your best friends?"

One important thing that all of my time at Tecumseh has taught me is that anything can be fun. It just takes a little creativity and the right mindset. 

Over time I've learned that sometimes YL contact work is just inviting kids to join you in whatever you're already doing.

Today those important lessons combined and resulted in THE MOST FUN ERRANDS EVER.

Stop #1: Picking up Hope, Grace, Katy and Julia from school with our buy-one-get-one-free holiday drinks from Starbucks.

Stop #2: Old Navy so Hope could get new leggings. The rest of us had our dance party in the store while we waited.

Stop #3: Getting tickets for the Mockingjay premier next Thursday night so we can all be in the same theater.

Stop #4: Barnes and Noble to pick up Jesus Prom, a new book by Jon Weece that KCraig and I predict will be the next big thing. The girls spread out to give random, genuine compliments around the store to as many people as possible while I got the book.

Car Driving: We sang 99% of the time at the top of our lungs to everything from Bad Blood to Fergilicious. If someone didn't know the lyrics they pulled them up on their phone so they could sing along. A couple cool 8th graders taught me that trick.

Stop #4: Third Phase in Noblesville to drop off the 102.5 pairs of socks we collected in Socktober because of Kid President. The ladies inside were partially adorable and partially confused about our excitement to drop off all of these socks.

Stop #5: Hobby Lobby for friendship bracelet string. All of these girls are expert knot-tiers and we all needed to replenish our string supplies. I was down to red, orange and navy which wasn't a pretty sight. We also ran into a woman from Grace's church that offered to knit her a pair of knuckle gloves--Grace's day was made.

Stop #6: Dropping everyone off back at home again. This was easily the most fun I've ever had running errands.

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