Monday, November 10, 2014

"Lincoln what do you want for your birthday?" "A purse, tape, apples and a train."

Lincoln loves reading books with Grandma... and doing anything with Grandma. 

Sunday morning Dr. Lincoln got busy giving us some check ups with all of the tools in his medical kit.

After a trip to the ping pong table we headed down to the dining hall for a Sunday lunch.

We got to have yummy omelets, muffins and other good foods. Lincoln's favorites are peaches, bananas and blueberries.

We raced back up the stairs after lunch. Lincoln's still carrying around his airplane pin from yesterday. That's his best smiling face in the middle here.

After naps we headed to Main Street in Hanover to visit the Dartmouth Bookstore. The boys had fun with the train set and looking at so many good books.

This morning Lincoln piled up all the pillows and quilts to make a "ride" in GG's living room. Every one took a turn rocking around on the pile, even GG!

Lincoln giggled and laughed the whole time Grandma rocked him around.

We visited Anne next door to try her marble game that her great- grandfather made for her grandpa. We put all the marbles in the top and watched them to roll down all the ramps till they spilled out at the bottom.

We headed to Lebanon, a town over, to look around LL Bean. Lincoln loves to carry Grandma's purse and try on all the glasses.

Lui Lui's pizza place has been our family's favorite restaurant to visit for as long as I can remember. Today we got to show him the huge tomato pizza oven, play with the dough, eat yummy rolls and pizza and a special birthday dessert for grandma.

We love Lui Luis!

I love getting to hang out with my sister on this trip. We have so many memories of visiting grandma and grandpa here when we were little girls and now we're making more.

Grandma's neighbor helped us get a picture of all six of us on the way to dinner tonight. Just look at this whole gang.

I'm so glad that my mom got to be with her mom and both of her girls on her birthday this year. We love getting to celebrate with her! She is absolutely the very best.

Tonight's my last night heading down to the dining room for dinner before I head back to Indy tomorrow.

Red devoured all of his food as usual. We love his giggles and smiles.

We brought chocolate cupcakes down to dinner and Katie found a candle so we could all sing again.

It was totally worth skipping school and YL today to get to hang out with my family on mom's birthday. I'm so thankful for this family.

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