Friday, November 7, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

Students that are the shining parts of my day
Playing Dutch Auction Backpack Style with the FBC girls

Having YL overlap with practically everything I do
Making bracelets with 8th grade girls while we sing Taylor Swift's greatest hits

Getting to play with Luke Perkins all night while his parents were at the YL banquet
Hanging out with Allison Stamer Williams too and never  running out of things to talk about
Braiding Friendship Bracelets Ropes with all the friendship bracelet scraps

Bible study at Audrey's house before school on Friday
Listening to "Dear Sophie" by Tim Halperlin and then "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift
Being FBC fans with Maggie Lorenz

Hanging out with Ciara, Katy P and Grace after school
Getting to catch up on Grey's Anatomy
Maddie's birthday dinner
Doing compliments around the table like Friday night devotion style

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