Monday, November 24, 2014

"Nothing screams victory like a 1996 gymnastics trophy."

Christmas came early today. Two students, Sarah and Grace, left a surprise present on my desk as they headed out to the buses. I opened it to discover this awesome ugly christmas sweater that says, "Hangin' with my gnomies." Just perfect for me since you can often hear me saying, "Hey homies," to my students. I can't wait to wear it this December. 

Monday nights are my favorite. I get to do something I'm passionate about. We don't have to "figure out plans" because everyone knows when and where to show up and that they're always invited. YL is the definition of both fun and meaningful time. For the two hours that I'm at the barn, the rest of the world gets put on pause. I love these nights.

When we walk into the gym after leadership there are already dozens of kids scattered all around the room. Leaders spread out to greet the kids, both new and old friends. We get to hear about their day, listen to their story or shoot some basketball.

I love walking around taking these pictures of all the different clusters of kids and leaders each week because it lets me take a second and see all the connections and friendships that are thriving in this room. There is no set group of kids that belong here, everyone belongs and matters.

Julia surprised Hannah with a Double Coil bracelet aka a very big deal. Then I was shocked and elated when college freshmen Maddy Wilson and Mariah Triske walked in the door. We have missed them this semester and it was so good to see both of their smiling faces.

When it was time for club to start each team gathered to choose who would represent them in each Minute To Win It Game.

Team Senior

Team Sophomore.

Team Junior and Team Freshmen.

Someone with good balance...

had to come drink a Coke until they could get the can to balance on it's edge.

Someone who can cross their eyes...

had to come bite on a popsicle stick and then balance three dice in a tower on the end of the stick.

Someone who like to live life on the edge...

had to come blow a folded piece of cardboard until it was hanging off the edge of the table.

Our awards for the evening were vintage trophies, medals and ribbons from the Bowman family attic. Nothing screams victory quite like a softball or gymnastics trophy from the 90s.

Someone who sends the ugliest snapchats...

had to come scrunch their face to get an oreo from their forehead into their mouth and then eat it the fastest.

Someone who can hold their breath...

had to blow up a balloon and then use the air from the balloon to blow 10 cups off the table.

Someone who has a runny nose on a regular basis...

had to pull tissues out of a kleenex box one at a time using only one hand.

Someone that likes decorating for parties...

had to completely unroll two streamers by holding an end in each hand.

Ryan did a great job of crowing each victor with their appropriate award. Did you know that Hannah can even pose like the girl on top of her trophy?

It was obvious that cousins Maddy and Natalie were very happy to be back together today. They're a riot.

Because of the associative property of friendship bracelets and the manifesto of the friendship bracelet creed Hannah, Julia and I are all now best friends. It's just logical.

We didn't end up having enough time to go into small groups today so there was no official meeting of the SSS, but I was still so happy to see these girls.

Tonight Chloe got to learn the word "epiphany" which was perfect because she has epiphanies all the time about life and God and people. I told her I wish I could hear her commentary all day long and then got to teach her what "commentary" means too. She's a champ and she insists on giving me piggy back rides too.

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