Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"My arch nemesis got to meet the Jonas Brothers. I hate her."

Because it's a short week the giant bible study met early on Tuesday morning in my classroom. We circled up between all the desks and talked about how God slowly transforms us as we follow him. We're not expected to become perfect people as Christians, but we do have to actively work to be more like him.

We picked names for our annual Secret Santa exchange. You can't spend more than $10 and you have to make your present for your person. We did this last year too and I loved seeing what they came up with.

Thanksgiving Break means that more friends are home from college so I met Ellyn and Olivia Odle at Mellow Mushroom, Camp Tecumseh's fav pizza place, for dinner tonight.

Ellyn and Odle are two of the most hilarious people that I know so our dinner together was especially wonderful. I'm thankful for friends like them that are my friends all year long, not just in the summer. Will Smith, dirty bathtubs, Taylor's tour schedule, likeology on facebook, Mr. Hessong's leg cast, next summer and 7th graders were all discussed.

There are few things more glorious than getting to sleep in on a bonus day off of school. Once I did get out of bed I met up with my second bible study at Mama Bear's for breakfast. We won't meet again until next week but we wanted to pick Secret Santa names early so girls can start their crafting over break. I loved getting to talk and laugh with these homies around the table this morning.

I made it to Katie's house in Michigan late this afternoon. It didn't take long before Lincoln asked if he could have some tape and string too. Then he squatted down next to me and worked away. We had to get in the car but he insisted on working their too so he could get all of his knots finished. He's a prodigy and perhaps the youngest member of FBC ever.

Tomorrow will bring Thanksgiving with the parents and so many things to be thankful for!

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